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1 box of BDP, 1 pack of Elite


Aug 7, 2008
Western Maryland
I don't bust much wax, save my annual box of Topps Heritage each March. I picked up a box of BDP and one pack of Elite at the shop.

I did pretty well with the Elite getting an auto:
187 Gustavo Pierre #261/719 Blue Jays

The box of BDP was kind of sucky. Most of my chromes were (RC)s or Futures Game players. Here are the "highlights":

BDPP123 Cody Adams Ref. AU #287/500 OC Brewers
BDP25 Christian Vazquez Blue Ref #73/99 Red Sox
BDP51 Charlie Morton Blue #332/399 Braves
BDP13 Justin Christian Yankees
BDP30 Max Ramirez Rangers
BDP53 Joe Mather Cardinals
Notable chromes:
BDP1 Rick Porcello Tigers
BDp26 Nick Romero Twins

All available for Pirates from these sets.


New member
Aug 7, 2008
I could use the Mather, but I don't have any Pirates from these sets.

I have some other Pirates in my bucket though.

Let me know, thanks.

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