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1992 Ultra Tony Gwynn Commemorative Autographs - Stamp or no stamp?


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Sep 30, 2017
I'm looking to add one of these to my collection but there are lots of them out there and some have a Fleer embossed stamp (looks similar to the Autographics embossment) and many don't. I never pulled one back then and I don't remember whether they were embossed or not. Can anyone shed some light for me?


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Aug 7, 2008
Sounds like yes they were

Tony Gwynn autographed an estimated 2000 cards from his vanity insert for insertion into Series One packs. Autographs for all ten cards in the series exist, but since the cards were not serial-numbered, it is unknown exactly how many of each individual card Gwynn signed -- it is assumed that Gwynn signed equal amounts of all ten cards.

Unlike the Roger Clemens cards that were inserted into 1992 Fleer packs, each autograph is embossed with a Fleer insignia.
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