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2 Blaster Prism Break

Greg Cleveland

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Via Target.com, of course. I know a lot of folks don't care for Panini and their logo-less cards, but for Prism and Optic, they make some pretty cool inserts. Each Blaster had a bonus pack of 4 Purple and 4 green wave refractors.

Here's what I got:

Purple refractors: Griffey, Jr., Bart, Pujols, Garrett, Luis Gonzalez, Z. Plesac, Yajure, S. Marte
Green wave refractors: Correa, Thome, Medina, Akin, Madrigal, Skubal, McNeil, Fearless Insert-Kris Bryant
Emergent: Franco, Amaya
Fearless: Mize, Merrifield
Old School: Babe Ruth
Star Gazing: Cole, Arenado
Illumination: Bart
Rookie Class: Ruiz, Mountcastle
Rookie Class Refractors: Kiriloff, Madrigal
Regular green refractor: Paddack, T. Jones
refractors: Arihara, Harrison,
Red Mojo Refractor: Edward Oliveras #132/149

A nice couple of boxes, a few keepers, no autos. They overdo it with all the variations if you get into the Hobby stuff, but this was enough for me.


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