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2016 Bowman Juan Soto International Ink Auto /99 Listing Price Help


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Nov 3, 2014
I am thinking about listing this card but I have not seen any listed or sold recently on EBay. Running an auction on a high end card is not my thing, so this would be a BIN/BO. Any suggestions or does anybody have access to the most recent sells? This would be the numbered pack pulled version, not the certified authentic IP autos that have the most recent sells. Thank you for any assistance.

Soto International Ink Auto.JPG
Soto International Ink Auto - Back.JPG
Jun 17, 2009
Gamecock Country
may not be extremely recent but the last i could find was back in october for just north of 500...if you are not comfortable with an auction , i'd suggest listing it well over (say anywhere from 100% to 500%) hi column bv with the best offer option to gauge interest...if you get an oiffer you cant refuse , take it...if not you would at least have an idea of current market value...

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