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2019 Bowman Chrome Final Checklist


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Jun 22, 2015
Vancouver WA
I like how Topps doesn't know what city name to put with Angels so they just say "Angels" while every other team has their city next to its name. :lol:


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Nov 3, 2014
Just my quick opinion on the checklist breakdown:

Base: Strong RC list with plenty of parallels to chase

Prospects: I'm not see a lot of 1st chromes

RC variations: Missed on all the attractions except Tucker

Stat/AFL/Farmhands: Filler

RC variation autos: Very weak 4 player list and another missed opportunity

AFL autos: Sticker autos? If so, easy pass

Prospect autos: <70 is okay but not enough subjects on the high end. Good opportunity to stock up on some sleeper favorites

RC autos: I think 4 of the 14 hold strong value but not seeing much potential outside of that

Rest of insert autos: The only ones listed as on-card on the sell sheet are the Prime Signatures and I'll assume the All-American game /199 will be as well.

Overall (0-10): 5 I feel the content format is strong but the signing subjects and variations are a miss overall. Not a product I would consider buying cases of but I'll hunt for the singles I'd like to stockpile at a reasonable price.

Anybody here doing a case + on this product? I'm going to be keeping an eye on breaks but at the current price level those breaking better hope for good odds on color.


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Nov 21, 2008
Was sorta hoping for a Darin Erstad in the AFL alumni set. Nothing new to chase for him in a while.