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3 Box break 2022 Heritage Target Mega Boxes

Greg Cleveland

Well-known member
Aug 9, 2008
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, United States
The exclusive with these are the red parallels. three per box. Autos and relics still very tough to pull.
Finally got my first Heritage base of Franco and Trout (among others.) Inserts are a bonus as this is still a set builders box. Always love Heritage, though. Especially as they get closer to when I first really started buying cards as a kid.

News Flashbacks: Nixon, Sears Tower
MLB Flashbacks: Wilbur Wood, Mays, Aaron
New Age: Ohtani, De La Cruz, Barlow (2), Vaughn, Soto (2)
Then & Now: Evans/Soto, Jackson/Vlad Jr.
Cand Lids: Posey, Kershaw, Arenado, Franco, DeGrom, Yelich--pretty good assortment of stars there!
Chrome: Trout #578/999
Chrome refractor: Rhys Hoskins #170/373
Player icon color Swap: Fernando Tatis, Jr. 1:3,945 pull.
Target Reds: shown below...
And a bunch of high numbers. Disappointed at the lack of stars in the SPs. Just a bunch of commons outside of the Nolan Ryan.
22 heritage 1.jpg22 heritage 2.jpg22 heritage 3.jpg


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Sep 2, 2012
I'm still debating whether to do hobby this year as the prices have increased on the mega boxes. Which do you feel is a better bang for your buck, one hobby box or 2 Walmart Megas?

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