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31 years in the making meeting Darryl Strawberry and add the rare 1981 Lynchburg Mets Brook Tr

Oct 16, 2013
So on Friday September 13, 2019 I went to the Billy Graham Library and had dinner with Darryl Strawberry. To my surprise there were 300 plus people. I thought it would be smaller and more personal. For $25 I can't complain much. The food was superb! As everyone was eating I asked our umpire ( waiter) about the big sign that was up as you walk in. He said he wasn't sure and pointed out the lady that I needed to talk too. So I approached her and asked what they were going to do with the sign after everything was over? She said to find her after. So I sat down they started playing a game catching foam strawberries in a glove on there head which was fun. He came out and preached which I enjoyed very much!! They announced that he would sign 1 autograph for everyone. So I was 6th in line a lady that was helping looked at me and said no posed pictures i was by myself so I didn't get a picture with him which I am sad about. He signed my baseball and I asked him to date it and he did I shook his hand and told him I appreciate him and he said I appreciate you and thanks for coming out. I saw my umpire holding open the last door I asked him where the lady was he said he didn't know to try and find her. So I did she look right at me and had the foam strawberries in her had I asked if I could have one she said yes and as far as the sign she said you can have it. To just grab it and not make a big deal. I said I can do that. On the way out the umpire was still there I told him what she sad he said I trust you. I grabbed it turned to him said I appreciate you he said nice grab everyone was looking at me like I committed a felony. Went to my car to the hotel called my wife who stayed at the hotel and told her to come outside. She did a I brought out the sign she was laughing so hard!! So it was a great night one I will never forget!!

As far as the 1981 Lynchburg mets Brook Treakle postcard. I told my wife about it she starting bid and bid till she on her account so I was blown away about how far she went and grateful that she dine that for me!! Sorry for the long post I just wanted to share. Please comment and enjoy the pictures. Screenshot_20190918-155524_eBay.jpegScreenshot_20190918-155534_eBay.jpegIMG_6676.jpeg20190913_194725.jpeg20190913_182753.jpeg

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Super Mario

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Mar 1, 2009
Mushroom Kingdom
I stood right behind Straw in line at a Johnny Rockett’s in the food court at the Galleria Mall in St. Louis a few years ago. I didn’t bother him, but I did tell a guy who I saw wearing a Mets hat where he was sitting.


Jan 19, 2010
Always nice when a passionate collector can turn a dream into reality with a meeting of his/her favorite player. That is too bad about the photos, but I suspect it had to do with running you all through the line as fast as possible. Should have gotten that postcard signed if you had it at the time. Balls are dime a dozen in my book.

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