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AIC TCG - 2022 Topps Chrome Hobby Case Break - Open, great price


Super Moderator
Aug 7, 2008
Seattle, Wa
Any chance you will be able to get the silver packs Topps is giving to the box and case purchases? I know it can get murky depending on who you purchased from but figured it was worth asking about. Thanks for the break!

All In Cards

Super Moderator
Aug 7, 2008
Here is whats on schedule for Topps, havent ordered anything yet, thinking Archives and Update as the next 2

10/12/22 2022 Topps Archives Baseball

10/19/22 2022 Bowman Sterling Baseball
10/21/22 2022 Topps Luminaries Baseball
10/26/22 2022 Topps Update Series Baseball Hobby & Jumbo

11/02/22 2022 Topps Cosmic Chrome Baseball
11/02/22 2022 Topps Gilded Collection Baseball
11/02/22 2022 Topps Stadium Club Baseball

11/09/22 2022 Topps Heritage High Number Baseball

11/23/22 2022 Topps Triple Threads Baseball
11/30/22 2022 Bowman Chrome Baseball

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