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An Open Apology to Beckett Media


Active member
Aug 10, 2008
This is the post one should point to when asked why the FCB has declined in interest and posters over the years. A great axample of why we have evolved into what we have.
I disagree here.

While Clint has a certain "flair" to his posts, his posts (and similar posters over the years) have nothing to do with decline in FCB members and posting.

Keep on keepin' on gents.

As for Beckett, they survive on grading. Nothing more. They are a shell of their former hobby influencing life.

That said, referring to anyone or anything as "AIDS" is moronic.


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Sep 19, 2009
Ely, MN
Beckett is complete ****. The mag is utter trash, as it's never updated.

I swear, Panini and Beckett are the same company ...

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