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Another month, another mail call.


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Apr 11, 2010
Quite a bit of mail over the past month so I thought I would clean off my desk a bit and show it off.

As always, I’ll start things off with cards from trades.

A trade with k_northrup (Ken) sent me this:

2017-18 Upper Deck Exclusives #441 Dmitry Orlov /100


Toupie (Lucien) sent me these, free of charge.

1994-95 OPC Premier Special FX #343 Eric Charron
1994-95 OPC Premier Special FX #447 John Gruden
- Thank you for your generosity, Lucien! Very awesome to knock these two off the wantlist!


A quick trade with rangers6 (wade) brought home these two:

2011-12 Elite Aspirations #276 Devante Smith-Pelly
2017-18 Upper Deck #242 Charlie McAvoy RC


For something a little different, I got these from mouschi (Tanner):

2014 Topps Supreme Styling #SS-JC Jose Canseco /50
2015 Panini Immaculate #2 Jose Canseco /25
2015 Panini Prizm Signatures Rainbow #5 Jose Canseco /50
2015 Topps Archives Signatures 1991 Topps #700 Jose Canseco /18
2015 Topps Tribute Orange Rainbow #TA-JCA Jose Canseco /75
2016 National Treasures Game Ball Signatures #GBS-JC Jose Canseco /49
2017 Donruss Signature Series Blue #SS2-JC Jose Canseco /99

2017 Topps Originals Autographs 1986 Topps Traded #20T Jose Canseco /20
- Since I was a kid, my favorite baseball player (besides Cal Ripken Jr.) was Jose Canseco. It started with the season that he became the 40/40 man (first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases). But, when I found hockey, baseball kind of fell by the wayside. Over the past 10 years or so I started looking at Canseco cards to buy, but always put my money towards something hockey related instead. I wanted a Canseco auto, but never pulled the trigger. Fast forward to about a month ago. I was perusing a certain board, and came upon a thread by the so called “Canseco Collector,” Tanner. In the span of about 3 years, he became THE collector of all things Canseco. His collection is just the most ridiculous hoard of a certain player that I’ve ever seen (besides Jeff, the Gretzky collector from way back when). Well, in this thread, he told a story. The story was about he came to a realization that cardboard had taken over his life, and needed to take a step back (I know I can relate sometimes). Thus, he came to the conclusion that he was going to retire from collecting for the time being, and was selling off his entire collection. Well, after some messaging back and forth, I decided on these 8 cards, and a few days later they arrived. He even told me a story about how he came about one of them, too, which was extremely fascinating. It was about how he came upon the Prizm tie dye auto, which is easily the most visually appealing card of the group. My favorite card, though, is easily the 2017 Topps Originals autograph of his 1986 Topps Traded rookie card. The original was one of the first Canseco cards I ever had, and is easily my favorite card of his. My second favorite is the 2015 Topps Archives auto of his 1991 Topps card, another of my favorite cards of his. I’ll be honest, I wish I could have afforded more, because he has such an amazing collection. Maybe another time, if he still has some pieces left. Tanner, if you read this, thank you so much, your collection is a wonder and a spectacle to see.


A large quantity of rather small pickups in a trade with wacards (Wes) knocked some older wants off my list:


1998-99 OPC Chrome #238 Mathieu Biron RC
2000-01 Topps Gold Label Class 1 #106 Justin Williams RC /999
2000-01 Topps Gold Label Class 2 #106 Justin Williams /666
2000-01 Topps Gold Label Class 3 #106 Justin Williams /333
2000-01 UD Ice #83 Martin Brochu RC /1500
2003-04 Bowman Gold #131 Tim Gleason
2003-04 Bowman Chrome #131 Tim Gleason RC
2003-04 SP Game Used #63 Tim Gleason RC /600
2003-04 SP Game Used Gold #63 Tim Gleason /40
2003-04 SP Game Used Gold #82 Boyd Gordon /40
2003-04 UD Premier #94 Owen Fussey RC /399
2005-06 SP Game Used #115 Mike Richards RC /999
2005-06 UD Trilogy #176 Milan Jurcina RC /999
2007-08 UD Ice #129 Curtis Glencross RC /1999
2007-08 UD Ice #175 Chris Conner RC /999
2010-11 Certified Mirror Blue #174 Casey Wellman /100
2013-14 UD Ovation Gold #8 Chris Brown /99
2005-06 Artifacts #130 Hakan Loob /999
- Like I said, nothing really massive, but a bunch of things that I needed to scrape away from my wantlist. Thanks again Wes!


Next was some redemptions in from Upper Deck

2017-18 Artifacts #RED209 Madison Bowey RC /799
2017-18 Artifacts Emerald #RED209 Madison Bowey /99
2017-18 Artifacts Rookie Autograph #XIX Madison Bowey /100


And the two auto redemptions from my second case of Leaf In The Game Used

2017-18 In The Game Used Autograph memorabilia Dual #GUA2-04 Jack Eichel / Nolan Patrick /12
2017-18 In The Game Used Autograph memorabilia Triple #GUA3-01 Nolan Patrick / Nico Hischier / Jack Eichel /30


I also managed to get to the local card show, which only happens 3 times during the spring/summer.

2000-01 BAP Memorabilia Sapphire #406 Jakub Cutta /100
2009-10 UD MVP Super Script #358 Jay Beagle /25
2011-12 Luxury Suite #52 Devante Smith-Pelly RC /99
2011-12 Upper Deck #201 Devante Smith-Pelly RC
2011-12 Upper Deck #240 Brett Connolly RC
2015-16 OPC Platinum Blue Cubes #145 Marian Hossa /75
2015-16 OPC Platinum Red Prism #125 Jonathan Toews /149
2015-16 OPC Platinum Seismic Gold #2 Oliver Ekman-Larsson /50


Now for some other stuff, all from eBay…

2010-11 Limited Variant #178 Kevin Shattenkirk RC /299
2010-11 OPC Retro Black Rainbow #608 Kevin Shattenkirk /100
2010-11 UD Ice #100 Kevin Shattenkirk RC /499
- Does anyone know the story about the Limited Variants? I tried doing a search but couldn’t find anything. How many of each were made, etc?

2014-15 UD Premier 02-03 Retro #SRR-EK Evgeny Kuznetsov /99

2017-18 OPC Platinum Retro Blue Rainbow #R88 Riley Barber /149
2017-18 SP Authentic #179 Nathan Walker RC /999
2017-18 SP Authentic Inscriptions #124 Riley Barber RC /50
2017-18 SP Authentic Limited #124 Riley Barber /100
2017-18 SP Game Used Yellow Spectrum #131 Riley Barber /49
2017-18 UD Black Onyx Patch #LR-MB Madison Bowey /35
2017-18 UD Exquisite Rookie Quad Material #RQ-MB Madison Bowey /49
2017-18 UD Synergy Green #65 Madison Bowey
- Man, after all of those Barber’s, I need to go get a hair cut!

2015-16 OPC Platinum Purple #97 Braden Holtby /25
2017-18 Artifacts Aurum #A7 Alex Ovechkin
2017-18 OPC Platinum Red Prism #75 Alex Ovechkin /199

2015-16 OPC Platinum Seismic Gold #105 Anze Kopitar /50

Finally, again, as always, my THREE STARS


From bccwolvesrule44 (Rob), comes this beaut:

2011-12 SP Game Used Spectrum Gold #195 Brett Connolly 1/1
- Rob came to me regarding this card, saying it was on the way to him as part of a larger package that he bought. After it arrived, we quickly came to a price we were both happy with, and now it’s in my hands. Thanks again Rob!


2015-16 OPC Platinum Retro Blue Rainbow Autograph #R12 Mario Lemieux
- Can never go wrong with an auto of this guy.

And finally


A recent winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy as MVP of the Stanley Cup Playoffs…

Recent winner of the Stanley Cup!!!

The First Russian to ever captain a team to a Stanley Cup Champion EVER!

2005-06 UD Rookie Update #275 Alexander Ovechkin RC /199

Well, that concludes this mail show! I hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for stopping by!

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