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Any non-sport all around experts?


Jan 19, 2010
I am guessing I might be able to piece through some non-sports cards with some group knowledge, but is there anyone who is pretty sharp on the non-sports stuff themselves? in my marketplace lot from a few weeks back, I got a small selection of non-sport, maybe 500 cards. There were several in toploaders and soft sleeves that looked like inserts from whatever set they came from. At one time that meant something, but who knows if these are/were good or just ended up in sleeves randomly. I'd love to post some and see if anyone recognizes any as being worth mention.

I have what essentially amounts to a type collection for non-sport. I have a few singles from the TV./Movie sets that were popular in the 70s/80s and some of the newer sets that have bene in lots or freebies.

I figured if I had anything desirable, maybe someone else could use it. I certainly have no intention of becoming an expert in anything non-sport.

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