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Braun exonterated


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Jun 8, 2011
hive17 said:
homerun28aa said:
hive17 said:
homerun28aa said:
After posting in this thread several times, reading the collector's statement, reading more stuff about the incident, reading more members opinions, I am quite happy with how this is shaping out. Yes Braun escapes the suspension, but don't for a second believe that any of the baseball writers or those who are fortunate enough to have votes for the HOF see Ryan Braun as innocent or exonerated. If Braun continues to tear things up (which is more than likely that he won't considering no matter how good an athlete is after any sort of publicity setback their game diminishes i.e. tiger woods), his chances at the HOF are gone and I know that is years and years away and only time will tell if he's that good. But this guy will make a ton of money, positive test or not he'd make a ton of money though so that isn't really an issue. He went from being one of the golden boys in the sport of baseball to a complete liar and douche bag and take the Brewer and Braun fans out of the equation...over 80% know he did it. So let him call his total BS press conferences, let hive and the other Brewer fans try to say that a sample collector or a FedEx employee or God all have it out for Braun. Let them say what they want, but this guy is going to get boo'ed in every park except Miller Park. It would have been better for him to not get the suspencion overturned, come clean, and put this behind him like A-Rod did. Sure, at first everyone was saying A-Roid and all this stuff, but A-Rod admitted what he did (whether or not he fully disclosed it is a different story, but nonetheless it was enough of an admission of guilt) and people are definitely moving on from A-Rod. There is almost no doubt Braun is guilty, why are hive and the Braun fans not bringing up the herpes anymore? And how he did have elevated testosterone levels from a prescription? They aren't even bringing that up anymore they're just all claiming some ridiculous conspiracy. Braun is more guilty than OJ and everyone knows it.
The problem with your view is this: The more one thinks he potentially used, moving down to the dark end the spectrum, then the more flawed the testing system essentially must be, and thus the easier it would be to do. The easier it is to do, the more likely it is that other players were and continue to do the same. That sort of situation would cast a shadow over the whole game, not just Braun. (the credit for this point belongs to the DoU blog)

Also, I never bought into the herpes rumor, so thanks for putting words in my mouth. In fact, all I EVER said, was that, because of this ruling, we can NEVER have proof of what happened. You can have your opinion, but all the facts have been destroyed by this process, so you'll never know.

And actually, the BEST thing for Braun would have been for his confidentiality to not have been violated, thus no one would ever have the slightest clue what happened. If you want to play "tinfoil hats" for a second, MLB probably saw that Braun's arguement would work, and leaked the info about the test to get a guilty verdict no matter what.

I said hive and other Brewers and Braun fans, other fans of his or the Brewers brought up this excuse several times, that it was a substance he used legally, it wasn't a PED and he just didn't inform his team. However, his camp chose not go with this for obvious reasons. If they prove to the arbitrator that this, in fact, was the case, it would not lift the 50 game suspension because that is still breaking MLB procedure. However, it would have done a better job at clearing his name, but like I said he broke protocol and the ban would stay. Now that they concocted this crazy theory, the entire testing process is being called into question, and you are proving my point on that. Now everyone is saying the testing system has loopholes it's horrible and the MLBPA is eating it up. The testing system is imperfect, just like nearly everything and everyone out there, but it has now been totally torn apart. There is a reason this is the first time someone ever beat a PED appeal, because no one in their right mind could concoct such a crazy scheme and think he could get away with it. I am merely reinforcing that Braun will not get away with it just because of one arbitrator, there are plenty of fans outraged at this and rightfully so.
Again, I never said it was herpes, you keep putting words in my mouth. In fact, most, if not all, of my comments have only focused on the evidence, the sample process and chain of custody, as those are my only areas of expertise that have bearing on this issue. I've haven't deigned to speculate on the innocence or guilt of Braun; I've simply stated that no one can know anything via any proof that exists. (and you can save yourself the time of pointing out the title of this thread; it was a quick title to get the news out, so quick that it has a typo.)

It's interesting when A-Rod's confidential test leaked I was infuriated and even looked up the pros and cons of suing one's own union (I may be wrong but didn't the players union somehow leak A-Rod's test? I may have forgotten how that was leaked). But anyways I'll rephrase what I said, NOT YOU, but OTHER Brewers fans and Braun fans (who aren't you) were saying that this could be for herpes or it could be for other legitimate reasons and he just didn't inform his team and it was a plain accident. You seem like an intelligent guy and I am not trying to delegitimize your expertise in this area at all as I can tell you have more than I do. I am merely saying, in the chain of custody of this sample that was examined to not have been tampered with the ONLY way I can see any feasible way that this sample was tested positive and wasn't Braun's is if the very, very initial time the test was taken someone else's sample got put in his cup, but I myself find ZERO evidence to support this counterclaim. I just cannot see someone flipping his urine with someone else's and an organization who specializes in collecting samples from Olympic athletes not even be able to tell if their own device was tampered with or if they could tell that they'd hide it. I think Das absolutely got this one wrong and it's just a shame that there are now so many loopholes in this system and any they come up with. Realistically, unless they have instant results, players will now be able to concoct some sort of convoluted conspiracy. I wasn't leaning one way on this guy until I heard his press conference and him absolutely spewing utter crap from his mouth about how he's the most honest and most fair player in the game and if he used he'd be the first guy to admit it and blah blah blah. I was embarrassed for him and I just think that what it comes down to is that most of us can tell a liar from someone whose telling the truth.


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Aug 7, 2008
Kansas City
ChasHawk said:
justinmandawg said:
ChasHawk said:
vwnut13 said:
Thread move = dumb.

This is a valid, on-going topic.
That keeps reiterating the same points over and over ad nauseum.
We're still waiting for you to post the specimen apparatus... ;) :lol:
I've had the flu. I'll bring one home this weekend when I work. I honestly don't know if the guy is guilty. It just sucks that so many correct things have been skipped. That piss could've been tested anywhere. We save a sample of the sample before sending it.


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Aug 10, 2008
The Day in Sports
Braun's attorney blasts test collector

By Darron Cummings, AP
Brewers' Ryan Braun won his drug appeal against Major League Baseball last week.

By Bob Nightengale, USA TODAY

Updated: 03/01/2012 10:03pm

David Cornwell, the attorney for Milwaukee Brewers All-Star left fielder Ryan Braun, lashed out Thursday at the drug-test collector for defending his actions in Braun's appeal.

"Ryan Braun presented a winning defense in the forum that counted,'' Cornwell said in a statement. "The landmark decision in Ryan's favor was based on the evidence and the plain meaning of the words in baseball's Joint Drug Program. The collector's attempt to re-litigate his conduct is inappropriate, and his efforts will only be persuasive to those who do not understand the evidence or the rules.

"Ryan Braun was properly vindicated. Both Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association should be applauded because their Joint Program worked."

Dino Laurenzi Jr., a Wisconsin drug-test collector, had defended himself Tuesday from accusations that he tampered with Braun's urine sample that tested positive last October.

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Aug 20, 2008
Of course I did at the time. Turn the Fugging Page already. Braun is a memory for us. We have a AAAA team in Milwaukee now, life is good.
If only it was that easy, and only if you had turned the page yourself. But sadly for you neither is the case.

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