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WTB Buying Don Mattingly Cards - Wantlist

Jan 14, 2015
New Jersey
As its been a while since I updated my list, I thought it would be easier to start a new thread with my Don Mattingly wantlist.

I am interested in anything listed below or any other rare cards (promos, variations, errors, samples, etc.) from his playing years. Let me know what you have!

Regular Sets

1986 Topps Gallery of Champions (Silver)
1990 Classic 4 in 1 Promo Card


1979 Oneonta Yankees Team Photo
1987 Burger King (Light Blue Border)
1987 J. Ellison Artwork Card
1989 Broder Action Superstars (MLB logo on front)
1992 Popeye and Friends Promo Card

Game Cards

1984 Replay Baseball
1989 Replay Baseball
1991 Statis Pro (90 stats on card)
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New member
Oct 17, 2016
I have a 2004 or maybe a 2005 Absolute Baseball of Donnie Baseball its #4 /5 auto'd with game worn hat, game worn primejacket, game worn prime jersey, n game used bat

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