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d2r's official 2019 Atlanta Braves compulsive posting team chat thread

Don’t think he’ll have an issue passing the 40 HR mark, the SB will be the challenge but would LOVE to see that
Honestly I don't think he has a shot at 40 stolen bases...only reason I mention it is because mlb.com, AJC, Talking Chop, etc. keep posting articles like "Acuna has real shot at 40-40 season!" that keep showing up as top articles when I google his name in the morning to check the updated advanced metrics.

40 home runs, sure but he's only on pace to steal 35 bases. Regardless, I'll be happy just to have another 30-30 season in Braves history
This Marlins offense is so lousy that it seems like it would take more effort to purposely blow a four run lead in the ninth than it would to actually try and get 'em out....but our latest acquisitions found a way to.

I didn't think it was possible for our bullpen to actually get worse than it was before the deadline...all it took was a couple top prospects to do so.
Thank God, the Braves bullpen BARELY held onto that one

Acuna hit his 33rd HR of the season. It seems like everyday I'm reporting that on here...which makes sense because he has 8 home runs in his last 10 games

2019 Season - .298 avg 33 HR 80 RBI .916 OPS 28 SB
Leads the league in runs, hits & stolen bases

He's proving to be one of those extremely rare true five tool hitters
Interesting article of milestones to watch for in 2019 including the possibility of Acuna becoming the youngest 40-40 player


I'll skip to Acuna & highlight the important part:

Ronald Acuna 40-40 season
Likelihood: Within reach
Acuna enters Tuesday's series opener against the Mets with 33 home runs and a National League-leading 28 stolen bases. He could join the 30-30 club any day now, and at 21 he'll be the second-youngest member, behind only Mike Trout (30-49 in his age-20 season in 2012). But Acuna has a chance for more. He has a real shot at 40-40.

With 42 games left to play, Acuna needs seven more homers and 12 more steals. Just since the All-Star break, he's hit 12 homers and stolen 15 bases in 29 games. If he stays hot, he could become just the fifth, and the youngest, 40-40 club member. The only four players with 40 homers and steals in a season are Alfonso Soriano (46-41 in 2006), Alex Rodriguez (42-46 in 1998), Barry Bonds (42-40 in '96) and Jose Canseco (42-40 in '88). Acuna would be even younger than A-Rod, who did it at age 22.

The Braves phenom has himself on a pace for about 45 homers and 38 steals. So 40-40 looks within the realm of possibility. It will be fun to watch Acuna chase it.

I knew his current pace fell just short but I was unaware of those numbers since the All-Star break. At first I was thinking it would be close to impossible but now I'm thinking it's a realistic goal, assuming he stays hot down the stretch like last season.
Holy $hit, look at that cannon where Ronald Acuna's arm should be!!!

Acuna is the best thing to happen to baseball since Mike Trout....there were a bunch of wannabes to show up since then (Bryce Herpes.....) but Acuna is the real deal....and we've got him!

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