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d2r's official 2019 Atlanta Braves compulsive posting team chat thread

They are the smash bros of ATL...

R. Acuna - .298 avg 35 HR 84 RBI .922 OPS 28 SB 103 R (5.1 bWAR/4.9 fWAR)
F. Freeman - .311 avg 31 HR 98 RBI .981 OPS 5 SB 96 R (3.9 bWAR/4.0 fWAR)

I must say, I was a little perplexed with how low Freeman's WAR has been this season based on his current production, which appears to be on pace to set career high numbers in prominent statistical categories including home runs, RBI & runs scored. He currently has a career high OBP & is hitting for the second highest batting average & OPS of his career. He'll still likely finish the season with a 5 bWAR & fWAR (which is considered an All-Star caliber season) but that would only rank as his 4th best season of his career. So, what gives? Well, apparently it's been his defense. According to advanced metrics, he's having his worst defensive season since 2014 which by far was his worst defensive season of his career. On top of his lackluster defense (not my words, advanced metrics opinion) he's grounded into far too many double plays which is why his -2 Rdp is tied for the lowest of his career.

I dunno, I really haven't noticed him playing bad defense to be quite honest but I suppose when you're fielding the easiest defensive position in baseball the only way you're going to get sabermetric love is by making crazy highlight plays that save runs on a consistent basis. First baseman almost always end up with a negative dWAR because they are automatically penalized. Regardless, sabermetrics are not perfect and has it's flaws....and I think it's flawed in regards to Freeman's 2019 season. On the other hand, I believe it has done Acuna's 2019 season justice.


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Jun 22, 2015
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Soon Donaldson will join the ATL smash bros. He just needs a couple more home runs.

30 or more home runs are required to qualify as a "smash bros"...what say you [MENTION=12485]JVHaste[/MENTION] ?

In the past 30 sounds about right, but Im not sure this year since there's so much HR inflation right now.

I guess there's enough year left for them to push 40.
In the past 30 sounds about right, but Im not sure this year since there's so much HR inflation right now.

I guess there's enough year left for them to push 40.

Yes, it's year of the swat "Verlander's juiced ball theory era"

I'll meet you half way and say 35 HR is required for smash bro title....40 HR gives you the elite title of swat bro aka "Whoooaa Nellie!!! Cruz boomstick"

And lastly...50 long balls is Crush Davis territory. The king of lean, power so obscene, so fresh, so clean...sure fire no doubt HOF "sign that man to $100 mil contract ASAP" Mr. Davis you so gooood.

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Javy Lopez 43
Andruw Jones 36
Gary Sheffield 39

Ahhh, yess! I would have thought Chipper's name had to be attached to any multi 30 HR season....guess not.
JV really should be the MVP this year. With so much offense the best pitchers (JV and Haduken) should win NL/AL MVPs since the value has never been higher.

LOLOLOLOL! Haha, I don't know why I never connected Hyun-Jin Ryu with Ryu from Street Fighter before...I played that game so damn much that I really should have by now.

If the two of them win Cy Young I'll have both Cy Young winners on my fantasy team and I'll be bragging about that to the guys in my league all offseason long...you can count on that. They made fun of me for picking up Ryu in 2017 so they'll never hear the end of it. First thing I'll say is "HADUKEN!!!!"
Hey, hey, hey....the double D's caught some wood and balls went flying in the 6th...that is, Donaldson and Duvall.

4-2 Braves

But don't get too excited because our relief pitchers don't want none of that. Luke Jackson IMMEDIATELY gives back a run in the 7th

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