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d2r's official 2019 Atlanta Braves compulsive posting team chat thread

I know it's unlikely to happen with the money we just spent on Albies/Acuna but we sure could use one or both of Kimbrel/Keuchel now that Newcomb was optioned and Vizcaino is back on the DL.

Now would have been a good time too considering Kimbrel has lowered his asking price and there are rumors of Keuchel willing to accept a one year offer.

As of right now our rotation rounds out like this...

1. Folty
2. Gausman
3. Teheran
4. Fried
5. Touki

Folty "should" be back soon but anything could happen and while the plan was to give Soroka one of the rotation spots, I have no idea when he'll be back. It would be nice to have a veteran like Keuchel for just this 2019 season, especially since we never know when one of our starting pitching rookies/young guns (Soroka, Fried, Touki) may fall apart or get injured again and be sent back down. As the age old adage goes, you can never have enough pitching.

However, I think we are more in need of a consistently good bullpen arm than a starting pitcher. Our pen is a mess...some of them will show signs of greatness for a bit but the very next day simply fall apart.
Think Kimbrel would be the best option if we can only get one. Don’t think Minter has what it takes to close out games yet. Move him and everyone else up an inning would be great. Especially with sobotka and parsons pitching good
I get this sickness in my stomach whenever I see Luke Jackson coming out of the bullpen and Venters has been pretty awful in the early going.

Agree on Minter, I just don't see it.

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