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d2r's official 2019 Atlanta Braves compulsive posting team chat thread

And just like last night, bombs are dropping in ATL...plenty of fireworks for July 4th!

We literally have six players on this lineup who are on pace to hit 25+ home runs. Has that ever happened before??

Freeman - 23 in 87 games (projection - 43)
Acuna - 20 in 87 games (projection - 37)
Donaldson - 17 in 84 games (projection - 32)
Swanson - 16 in 88 games (projection - 29)
Riley - 15 in 45 games (projection - 39)
Albies - 14 in 87 games (projection - 25)

Of course, there is a slim chance of that actually happening as all these guys would have to stay healthy for most of the season without hitting any major slumps. Regardless, it's nice to be able to say that we've got a team that can beat you with the long ball! It's been awhile since we've had anyone other than Freeman that could.
Was a little disappointed that our offense did so poorly against the Fish and I had to wait an extra 2.5-3 hours until the game ended but hey, we ended up winning in the end and that is all that matters I suppose.

We now have a 6 game lead over both the Nats & Phillies (6.5 & 7 if you actually believe half games exist. Losses are all that matter because when the season is coming to a close, you can always make up wins but you can never make up losses)
I think it's pretty damn amazing that Austin Riley already has 16 home runs in just his 180th at-bat of his career.

In a full 162 game season he'd project to hit exactly 50 home runs...and the kid is only 22 years old.

I don't think Riley will ever be a player who hits for a huge average...I imagine he'll generally be putting up a batting average around .240-.270 with an OBP no higher than .310-.330 and at the very least 150 strikeouts per season but on the flip side, most of hits will go for extra bases and 40+ home runs should be no problem for him.

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