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EBAY - Trading Cards returns policy update


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Aug 7, 2008
Laguna Niguel, CA
Trading Cards listings no longer have to offer returns to qualify for a Top Rated Plus final value fee discount.

As of January 11, 2021, listings in the Sports Trading Cards, Collectible Card Games, & Non-Sports Trading Cards categories are no longer required to offer remorse returns to qualify for the Top Rated Plus 10% final value fee discount. While your listings may qualify for the Top Rated Plus rating and discount, at this time, the Top Rated Plus seal will not apply to the listing in search results. To qualify for the badge, you are required to offer at least 30-day returns.

Bear in mind that purchases in this category still qualify for the eBay Money Back Guarantee. This means you may still receive, and we may ask you to resolve, return requests for items that arrive damaged, missing parts or pieces, or otherwise arrive at your customer not as described in your listing. Learn more about the returns process.

eBay is the world’s leading marketplace for trading cards, and millions of buyers globally search for a wide variety of cards. Removing Trading Cards returns as a Top Rated Plus eligibility requirement may help mitigate improper returns and give you higher confidence to list your inventory on eBay.

Top Rated Plus eligibility requirements for Trading Cards sellers

To qualify for the discount on Final Value Fees for items in this category you must meet these requirements:
1.Offer same or 1-business-day handling
2.Qualify as an eBay Top Rated Seller:
Have an eBay account that's been active for at least 90 days
Have at least 100 transactions and $1,000 in sales with US buyers over the past 12 months
Comply with eBay's selling practices policy
Meet the requirements for transaction defect rate (< 0.5%), cases closed without seller resolution (< 0.3%), and late shipment rate (< 3%)
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