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Factory sets.

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Jul 30, 2023
San Diego
Maybe one set from each decade? I don’t have any specific recommendations but you’ll more than likely have quite a few player changes and see how each team evolves
Jul 22, 2016
2018 Topps All Star set is a cool one to have. I like the first 2019 Topps Montgomery Club set too. I know these are not basic sets. Just the basic Topps factory sets are a dime a dozen though

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Jan 19, 2010
I would love to happen upon a deal for a run of Topps factory sets, but frankly, I would never pay anywhere close to what I have seen them listed at. It's hard to justify $50+ for a basic set. I feel like they had to resort to inserting things into the sets for people to even want to buy them. Leave that to the packs and price the sets reasonably. Not much will like come from them, given all the update sets they make.

I did buy a couple of those Dodger specific Topps sets from around 2006-08 range I think.

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