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\\\\\\\\\\*GOOD MONDAY MORINING*////////// 5/6


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Oct 31, 2010
Good morning all. Had a busy weekend for the Clark family, but this coming weekend will be even busier. Saturday I fired up the mower for the first time this year. Only going to be mowing the front this year as I'll be tearing up part of my yard this year and then the rest next year. Took over a pretty crappy backyard when we bought the house, and then the dogs really let it have it. Since it wasn't a very well established yard it didn't take much from the dogs.

But then it was prom for Jayme's younger sister. Somehow we got volunteered to host 6 high schools kids for a pre prom dinner. That of course meant we had to make sure the dining room/kitchen were spotless. I was in charge of the steaks on the grill and the asparagus. Thankfully, I didn't hear any complaints.

Then yesterday Bennett and I drove Jayme to her classroom (small town, 19 miles north of us) so she could start wrapping a few things up and get ready for the week. When we got to town I tore out some rose bushes that were getting too big and flopping over on to the front yard. I was getting tired of the thorns cutting me up while mowing.

Now, it's time for Bennett to get his 4 month shots today and then we will be cleaning the house up a little more since we are going to be having quite a bit of family in town for graduation this weekend.

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