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Group Break Guidelines

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Group Break Guidelines

In an effort to reduce and/or eliminate the threat of scammers, FCB has set up a unique set of guidelines designed to not only protect the members who participate in a break, but also the box breakers as well. The following rules have been reviewed by the entire staff of FCB and we ask that you do your part in making this a safe, trustworthy, and entertaining time for all.

The staff at FCB is only going to allow group breaks by those members who are clearly established in the hobby and that have been on FCB and/or other sites for quite some time and are generally known in the collecting community. The staff will review every group break request and make a determination on whether it will be allowed or not.

When you are interested in doing a group break, please send a pm to [MENTION=1763]moxacaine[/MENTION] with the following information

Name/Board Username
Age: (must be 18 and over)
Product to be broken
Type of break (ex. pack/box/case)
How you plan on running the break. Player draft, team draw, team draft ect.
Slot pricing?
When you want to start the break?
Where you are purchasing the product?

1. All group breaks are REQUIRED TO BE VIDEO RECORDED and live on Ustream or BlogTV and posted via Youtube or any other video website where they are publicly viewable. All packs must be opened in plain view of the camera. The breaker is required to angle the camera to be viewing the table/desk in front of them to show their hands so everyone can watch the packs/boxes being opened. By doing so, the breaker will be covered should any questions arise of "holding" cards out of the break. Additionally all "hits" will be scanned and posted after within 2 hours after the break is completed. Or a link to the recorded break posted.

2. Only factory sealed Hobby products can be used for group breaks. No product will have its seal busted prior to the live video break. Any cases being busted will require the breaker to show the top and bottom of the case to ensure the members that it is sealed. When you start the break and feel that something might be wrong with the product or numerous members start speculating something might be wrong, stop the break and contact the mod staff immediately.

3. FCB limits all group style breaks to seven at one time. This will reduce the confusion of having too many group breaks going on at once. It can be overwhelming when many people are asking for signups. Having only seven at one time will greatly aid in that aspect.

After being approved the breaker has 24 hours to post their break. If not posted in 24 hours you will lose your place in line.

4. Please do not spam your group break by randomly PM'ing/emailing other members or posting a spam thread anywhere on the boards. They will see you have a break going on and will join if they have interest. Harassing members to join will not be tolerated on the FCB site.

Spamming your thread gets your thread locked and canceled and gives you a 1 month suspension from doing breaks. The ONLY approved way to spam your break is to post a contest on the hobby board where the prize is a free spot in your break.

5. FCB staff will not set limits, high or low on what members who are allowed to host these box breaks are charging for slots. We believe that the market will regulate this as those who are charging too much will not be able to fill all their slots.

6. If you have questions regarding how a box break is being hosted or how the breaker is computing the price they charge, please contact them via PM rather than posting in the thread or pm any of the mod staff at. Any accusations publicly posted will be deleted immediately. Give the breaker the chance to respond and explain. If the mod staff has the appropriate evidence that the breaker has been deceitful then posting in the forum will be allowed at that time. If you are not interested in joining the break, please don’t clog up the thread with posts.

7. No cards from a Break may be "held back" from a buyer. For example you can’t say this group break is only for the hits. You must sell the break to include every card in the case. If a Case Breaker sells player or team lots, that lot is to consist of every card pulled of that player or team. If a buyer tells the Breaker to keep the cards, that is acceptable, however the Breaker cannot set a rule that states that they will not include or ship any card. It is up to the buyer to determine what they don't want of what is rightfully theirs. The only exception to this rule is if a product has a team that has a very low chance of getting a “hit” or has very few to no cards then the breaker can eliminate teams at the initial buy in; however they MUST give away any “hits” from those eliminated team(s) to a member in the break during the actual break via random drawing etc should one be pulled.

8. Group breaks will have 10 days to fill. If they are not full at the end of the 10 days, the break will be canceled. If you are less than five spots from filling your break you will be allowed 5 additional days. If your break is still not full by the end of 15 days, your break will be canceled.

- Day 1 is the day the break gets listed.

9. When conducting your break any drawings/drafts/breaks will be announced at least 24 hours before the event to allow all the members involved enough time to know that it is taking place. The Breaker is also required to post this update in the subject line (ex. 09 UD Heroes Player Break Team Draw 8/19), the initial post of the thread, and a normal post stating the information. This will be done when the draw/draft is announced and again for the actual break.

10. All rules must be finalized before the break is posted. No additions may be added afterwords. Make sure your original post clearly defines the rules before you break.

Breaks will remain sticky'd for 24 hours after the results have been posted. At this time the thread will be unsticky'd.

If you have an issue where you feel like you are getting scammed it is at this point that you should contact a member of the FCB staff and they will look into it for you.

We at FCB want all of you to have fun and enjoy the box breaks and wax busting that will take place on here. These rules should help accomplish that. If you have any questions about any of these rules, please feel free to pm any of the moderators .

Thank you for your help in making this place a safe, fun place to hang out and partake in the hobby we all so dearly love.
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