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Jul 11, 2019
Tips for choosing pressure washers for beginners

Pressure washers remove dirt and stains on almost any interior and exterior surfaces. By cleaning your house regularly, you are actually saving money by avoiding costly repairs later due to severe damages. For beginners, picking the right power pressure washer can be a challenge, as there are many models on the market ﹘ not to mention the hard-to-understand terms in each model’s specifications. While home pressure washer reviews are helpful, they can confuse you. Given this, we reckon it is best to provide you with some useful tips so that you can make a well-informed decision.

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1. Pressure washer sizes and power

Sizes dictate the mobility and versatility of your engine-powered machines. Pressure washers function by a gas-fuelled engine or electric powered motor. As they work by pumping water through a garden hose to produce pressure for cleaning, the size of your machine’s engine is of great importance. The smaller the engine, the less pressure it can provide. Therefore, pressure washers’ engines are categorized based on their strength: light, medium, and heavy-duty.

In almost all cases, light-duty pressure washers are suitable for occasional outdoor cleaning tasks only. From the tests we have done on a wide range of models, the best pressure washers for home use are usually the medium-duty ones. They produce water pressure levels of around 2,200 PSI to 2,800 PSI and are thus ideal for driveways, fences, and patios. If you plan on cleaning concrete surfaces or larger areas of your houses, then a heavy-duty machine would be your best option, as they produce around 3,000 to 3,300 PSI.

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2. Gas versus electric pressure washers

In terms of power, gas pressure washers can clean things around the house more efficiently and faster than electric models. So if you are living in a large house with a spacious exterior area, then a gas power pressure would probably be your preferred machine.

When it comes to portability, electric pressure washers rank last, as they require power sockets. So if the majority of your cleaning areas are outdoors, then you’d better go with a gasoline-powered machine. However, if you often find yourself cleaning things inside your house, then an electric pressure washer would be a better option, as they are quieter than their gas-fuelled counterparts and do not produce emissions.

Since each type of pressure washer has its pros and cons, the best pressure washer brands always provide customers with a series of models that cover both types.

3. Cold versus hot water

Hot water pressure washers handle difficult-to-clean surfaces like oily or greasy areas efficiently. Cold water pressure washers, on the other hand, are a perfect choice for easy cleaning tasks like dirt, sand, and mud. Their price difference, therefore, corresponds with their capability. Cold water machines are relatively cheaper than those that use hot water.

The bottom line

Even though cleaning is not always fun, who doesn’t want to have that instant gratification that the cleanups bring? Depending on how heavy your tasks are and how ample your space is, you can see the immediate results after just ten minutes of cleaning. Pressure washers are your perfect companions when it comes to cleaning tasks, as they, of course, save your time and energy.

While the highest-rated power washers can cost you a few hundred dollars, they might not be the best pressure washers. Hence, shoppers should always understand the basics first before getting down to which is the Best home pressure washer
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