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Jan 19, 2010
I messaged him after the Garvey card he had just sold suddenly appeared up for sale again, same day as it ended if I am remembering correctly (I do daily searches). I asked why the Garvey was back up for sale and his excuse was the buyer had won, but needed extra time to pay and that was just not going to work. He then relisted the item. Digging slightly deeper, and I mean that literally as it took next to zero effort, I found this gem! I bid on it just to see what would happen. Guess what, same bidder has now won it three times since 6/24! Excuse your way out of that one!

I just sent him all of the same screen shots. I worded it sarcastically, telling him he had bad luck with that same buyer who just keeps winning his listings over and over. I wonder if he will even answer this time and if so, what kind of reply it will be. I can't wait. I will share it here if I get a reply.


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