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Highlighted posts from Wednesday, Sep. 22, 2021

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September 16, 2021 * 9 posts * 301 views
WCTYSON said: AL MVP - Ohtani NL MVP - Tatis AL CY - Cole NL CY - Burnes AL ROY - Arozarena NL ROY - Trevor Rogers These are my picks and most are very close, just with weeks left in the season. ... Read more >>
September 18, 2021 * 6 posts * 174 views
mrmopar said: Well, after complaining up a storm late last year/early this year and I felt like a hypocrite, but I had 3 cards in my port that I really wanted, I needed to face the beast again. ... Read more >>
September 14, 2021 * 22 posts * 560 views
Shaggy said: I mentioned I added a image scanner add on that would check for inappropriate pics like chicks in bikinis. It wasn't working the way I wanted it to as it would moderate normal ... Read more >>
September 13, 2021 * 8 posts * 247 views
nosterbor said: YES YES YES OH YES! BIN. AND FREEEEEE SHIPPING! [link] Read more >>
September 19, 2021 * 3 posts * 84 views
EricChavezCollector3 said: This one was definitely the longest break between additions (5 years) but still nice to add another one to the collection and be one closer to a set that I will most likely never ... Read more >>
September 17, 2021 * 21 posts * 509 views
mrmopar said: I am just reminded of another stupid miss for COMC. The offer program has no means for a short note between buyer and seller. WHY? I made an offer the other day to use up the last ... Read more >>
September 13, 2021 * 8 posts * 173 views
Pinbreaker said: I have a link at the top of my browser that I click on.. I just checked to see the address.. [link] I haven't had that issue for a few days, so maybe it was just a glitch! Read more >>
September 15, 2021 * 13 posts * 291 views
cwc2002 said: Yeah you're right. Maybe a hobby case each? That way people at least get base and inserts if shut out from autos Read more >>
September 13, 2021 * 3 posts * 207 views
jmc855 said: sharp. Max is a legend. one of the last of the true vintage pitchers in my opinion. Read more >>
September 18, 2021 * 1 post * 44 views
spcollector said: Have the following Ohtani RCs for trade (pic of four shown). At the bottom is what I collect. Please let me know if you are interested in anything. PM works best! 2018 Topps #700 ... Read more >>

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