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HUGE Red Sox 1/1 Pick up! HOF galore!


Jan 19, 2010
Nice score.

The one with Garvey just listed today, 1/1. It has Ripken on it, but the rest of the cast is pretty ho hum for a card of this potential significance. The seller still wanted $1.5K OBO. No offense to your purchase (or trade), but...I know it doesn't work this way, but asking price is $187 and change per autograph! None of the single players is close to being worth that alone aside from possibly Ripken (and his autograph is PLENTIFUL). The seller may accept $500 (not likely), but I just cringe at some of the asking prices these days for less than spectacular offerings. Another prime reason why my player collecting days are slowly coming to an end. I can get a lot more enjoyment out of $500-1500 than I would from a card like this that I would have previously stressed over not being able to afford.


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