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Jun 22, 2015
Vancouver WA
I guess some people on Twitter are just as stupid as people on facebook or youtube.

Yeah, I would rank the sites as follows....

Youtube = Some goofy people and a few trolls getting into the game. Best to use certain vids as source material to bother people on other sites.

Facebook = The big leagues of trolling. Many styles work here and once you start its easy to make multi-characters. RIP Jaquandre, will here ever come home? :D

Twitter = Batsh!t insane people who actually believe what they say. If you've been on the above sites you might think the blue checkmarks arguing gender pronouns are me trolling (or D2R).. . . but no! they are CHAZ comrades who will get bothered by anything you say.

4Chan = I hear this is where the troll gods live, but I am not at that level to even bask in their glory.

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