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I think I got kicked out of a Facebook group


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Aug 7, 2008
Chuck Sitero of Sandy Springs Georgia is an accused drug dealer

I joined a couple groups a while ago. One was Topps Baseball Cards and the other was called something like Baseball Cards Keeping It Real, or something like that. The latter is full of noobs, and half the posts were stuff like,"I just bought 5 packs of Opening Day at Walmart. Wish me luck!" Some interesting stuff once in a while, and it was a somewhat decent place to buy and sell, although I never got into that. Lately the mods have been out of control, banning people for innocent opinions, and they've been doing things they ban people for. Today someone posted a pic of a 33 Goudey Gehrig a client was sending to PSA. The pic showed the card had slid almost out of the lucite 4screw it had been sent in, showing that's not a good way to store or ship cards. Opinions were not solicited on the authenticity of the card, but sure enough, they started rolling in. I think with one dissent, they were all saying it was a reprint. Fair enough, that's why it was being sent in. But then one of the mods sort of lost it, started calling one of the critics an asshole, and betting him $20 it was real. Then the poster retaliated saying the guy was sounding like a moron. Which, to be fair, he was. Just douche-chilly. Then the mod banned the poster. Anyway, I didn't post an opinion on the card, but I posted in the thread 3 of the posted forum rules which basically said don't do that. When I got back from lunch, the group was gone from my list, my posts were gone, the likes were gone from my history. So I think I was evicted from the group, as it no longer shows up when I search for it. No big loss, but it was the sort of thing that makes me glad for reasonable, levelheaded, and invested hobbyists. Like those here.

Anyway, Chuck Sitero was the mod's name. Apparently someone on BO had a run in with him last fall. Nice guy.

Chuck Sitero of Sandy Springs Georgia is an accused drug dealer
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All In Cards

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Aug 7, 2008
Lots have been banned from that group. I have, gilmore has. That group is keeping it real

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Sep 19, 2009
Ely, MN
I think I'm in it, but I rarely post, due to most folks needing to wear helmets 24/7/365.


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Chuck Sitero has no business interacting with people. He's one of the most imbalanced people I have ever encountered. I am banned from that group because of the following:

Step 1, enter into negotiations with Chuck Sitero about sponsoring the group and giving away prizes in exchange for being able to link FCB in the group.

Step 2, negotiations are taking a long time and in the mean time I send Chuck a link asking if I can post it up.

Step 3, Chuck says yes go ahead. Nothing ambiguous about it it is a flat out yes.

Step 4, Chuck Sitero bans me from the group saying I'm too pushy because I did exactly what I had previously had him clear.

I've seen him ban someone because they dared to say that Lou Brock is comparable to Rickey Henderson. I've seen him ban someone because they insisted that Nolan Ryan is overrated. He's got no business administrating anything and I hope that people link into this thread from there.

Facebook groups are a mixed bag. Some have good people, but most are run by tools.


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Mar 12, 2010
Cherryvale, KS
Chuck is a definitive douchebag. I am in the group, but rarely post. He seems to leave me alone when I do post.

I am in a couple of very good groups. If you want some info, shoot me a PM.


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Mar 12, 2010
Cherryvale, KS
I got booted last night, for calling him a douchbag in this thread. He's obviously reading the thread, so sign up Chuck. Login and post.

Unlikely he will, he has no control here.

My life is ruined. :-(

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