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Ken Griffey Jr 1999 Fleer Mystique 1/1 Masterpiece Found!


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Mar 1, 2021
Hey Guys,

Recently did some cleaning up at the parents house and found a card that I know will mean a lot to hardcore Griffey/90’s Insert/1of1/unique card collectors. I discovered the Griffey masterpiece 1/1 from the 1999 Fleer Mystique set. It was the first card of 160 players to have a 1/1 (GRIFFEY WAS#1 of #160). The card has been kept in the cold and dark for 22 years and seriously seems to be a 9+ potential 10. Wait times for grading seem insane and the risk of the card in the mail has me questioning whether to grade it at all. Going to post a picture here and see what kind of interest it drums up. Thanks to any who send this over to Griffey or unique collectors! Email is [email protected]


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