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Logo Bingo Contest: Official Thread


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Sep 20, 2009
Okay, all the the cancelled/postponed games is getting a little out of hand (with more to come, I’m sure)

As with the Marlins, you are free to treat any team whose games have been postponed as a free space only if you are trying to claim a full card bingo.

For all other bingos, each space must be a legitimate outcome with the required margin of victory.

This will eliminate any effective date requirement. Please just make note of any team on your card who had one or more postponed games along with the date of their first postponed game. I’ll verify the date on MLB.com.

Sorry, everyone, this is the best approach I can come up with to still keep the game going. Again, it will only affect the full card bingo since the other 4 require actual outcomes.

NOTE: If the entire season is cancelled at any point, the full card bingo is invalid (since everyone would have a full card bingo at the same time).
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