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Looking for 71' Topps Lots or Singles VG-Nrmt


New member
Aug 11, 2008
Conover NC
Would like to trade / buy about any 71 topps. Wanye/Krom was cool enough to get me started and it gave me a spark of set building that I had lost. I want to somehow pay him back and complete this set. Bought some lots, don't care too much about condition, don't have a checklist as I am far away. I would love some PSA singles of stars or HI #'s or large raw lots. If I am buying, I would like to pay around ebay.

I have nice star gu'd, vintage all, huge base/ insert star player lots of all sports (mainly baseball), tons of Braves, 58' Topps lot, PSA, and some 90 inserts for trade.
Prospect scans are in my bucket under Trade Scans. If you could give me a couple players or teams and I could find something.

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