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Looking for Frank Thomas


New member
Jul 25, 2021
Pennsylvania USA
I have been considering the thought of letting my best Frank card go. My 1990 opc sgc 10 rookie. It just doesn't fit my collection of him. I much prefer oddball cards and inserts. It's just tied up funds I would like to use for other cards Ive been looking at.
It is an Sgc pop 1 none higher. And with their absolutely cutthroat standards lately, I think it could stay that way for a long while. For comparison psa has a psa 10 pop of 122. If you are interested in a big card this is a pretty darn good one.
I'll also send a pic of a cool star card, love their simplicity. It's more my collecting style. And only 100 made! You can aquire one for around $30 which is a crazy good deal to me. This one in particular has a very damage prone edge with the black (nfs). 85bfb3560acda1aa95414f24d4c45481.jpg79d0506a03f090879fa88b00bbbd94cc.jpg
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