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May 2022 - New Arrivals


Jan 19, 2010
OK, so I happened upon this listing on the facebook marketplace. It was already about a week old, but I asked if it was still available, what the heck, why not. They were asking $250. It was about 30 minutes from my place and this was Tuesday. Seller was free that evening, but not going to be free again until Today or tomorrow. I didn't want to cruise down that night, so told him if they were still available Friday, I'd come down. Worked out great, because my wife is working today and she'd give me a hard time if I left to go buy cards. It's the space more than the money. Cards everywhere already!

I figured the boxes alone were worth a few bucks each. I just bought a new empty 5K box and I want to say is was $7, maybe $8. I don't recall, but it was more than I wanted to pay. I remember when these were like $3-4. I figured the cards were likely going to be picked through crap, but if I could maybe skim a few bucks off, it would be worth the risk and entertainment value to complement the boxes I would get.

Asked seller why he was selling, just to make conversation and to see if I could determine anything worthwhile. Said he mainly did football and had bought the lot from another seller and pulled out the football. Hmmm, now I am not even getting sloppy seconds here, but thirds (or more). I skimmed through a couple boxes looking to see what might be in there. Apparently there is a heaping helping of 1990 Score Baseball, possibly as many as 5-7 of the 5K boxes full! Enough to scare even the riskiest of buyers. Still, I saw what looked like a small amount of potential.

I am not sure how much interest he had by the time I reached out, but the listing said the buyer had to take everything, so clearly no cherry picking and it implied he wanted it gone! I figured maybe $50-100 worth of boxes, not retail, but if I can score a decent used box and save myself $7-8 for new, it's worth it. Advertised at over 100K of cards (no football, some basketball, a handful of non-sports and apparently mostly baseball). There are a few magazines, a couple sets including 1989 UD (No Griffey the seller said, not sure if anything else was pulled) and some oddball stuff like a couple wax boxes with singles, a Mariners team set cello pack and an Erstad bobble or something and a few binders with cards. Didn't even really look at any of it closely. This is a true mystery lot.

I offered him $175 and after a brief pause, he accepted. We loaded the haul into my truck and I drove home. I unloaded the pile into my bonus room, where my wife will certainly see them, but I moved something else out of the way and replaced it with these. Not the same thing, but hoping she just thinks I shuffled some crap around! I won't hide it, but won't offer it up either than these are new. I just don't want the whining and piercing stares...

I'm am kind of tempted to do one of those modified red paperclip things though. Sort through the collection, sell or trade things and record what I get each time. See what I might be able to turn this $175 pile into with a little effort. I have no high hopes to turn it into a 1952 Mantle, but I figure I can list anything I don't want for next to nothing and hope I get a few bites here and there. It's all going to be "profit" since I am happy with the initial investment and I'm hoping I might even be able to mine out that much in cards I want to keep. You never know...at a dime a card, I only need to find 1,750 cards I'd pay a dime for.

I may create a special thread to track my actions....or maybe, I'll be lazy and not bother. We'll see. Whatever happens, I have a few weeks worth of treasure hunting ahead of me!



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Oct 6, 2008
Seems to match all of the copies of that card on COMC.

Today's mail:

View attachment 338640 View attachment 338641
T206 Harry Davis (fielding variation) and Jimmy Dygert. Gets me down to 4 remaining for the team set. Yup they have pinholes but at least they aren't through the face or anything. I've had to lower my condition standards on these with prices continuing to go up.

View attachment 338642
2021 Mosaic "Red Camo" Dilfer is my 29th version of that card, with another incoming. This is the first Red Camo I've seen, everything else had been mislabeled much easier Pink Camos. 2017 Allen and Ginter Mini Black Stephen Vogt completes the team set. And a 2004 Sweet Spot Signature Barrels Rich Harden with a print run of 64.

Yes, you are correct sir.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
2021 Mosaic "Green Fluorescent" Dilfer 10/10, gets me to 30 of the 33 non-1/1 variations in that set. I'm only missing a /17, a /10, and a /9, none of which I have seen yet. The 2003 Stadium Club Photographer's Proof Eric Chavez 266/299 completes the team set...these are tougher than /299 cards should be. And lastly I got my 4/19 Topps Now Cristian Pache along with a Purple parallel 05/25. Still waiting on the spring training team set I ordered.


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Aug 7, 2008
New York
@mrmopar - Nice lot! Value aside, it's like buying a Lego set for $200, nice way to spend a few hours going through and sorting out cards.

2017 Bowman Chrome Andy Pettitte Rookie Reprint Refractor Autograph #/99 -- another card which unexpectedly sold for a crazy BIN and I bought back for much less. Glad to fill this hole again in my collection.

I am inadvertently a year collector as many of my higher-end cards happen to be from 1993. Picked up all my "must haves" already but there are a few more whale-type cards I am on the look out from from 1993....(1) 1993 Finest Mattingly Refractor. the Promotional Refractor would be a dream if I could land it. (2) 1993 DiMaggio Pinnacle auto, (3) 1993 Ichiro BBM Rookie and lastly the real longshot, (4) 1993 SP Jeter Buyback Autograph /98.

For now, strictly limiting myself to 50 high end cards, to eventually display in a Penzoni ccase. Picked up most players I need outside of a handful of NY Rangers and Giants.

For baseball, the last key 90s Yankees auto I still need is El Duque, on the lookout for his 2000 SPx. Had a buyback auto, but want a vertical playing year release.



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Nov 21, 2008
2001 Fleer Triple Crown Blue /25 Erstad. Last one for the rainbow.

2020 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball 1/1 Blank Back Erstad

2001 Topps Gold #371 Travis Hafner/Eric Munson/Bucky Jacobsen /2001 (brings me up to 6).

A couple Bucky Jacobsen TTM auto's I didn't already have. Since my wantlist for his cards is so small and additions are so few each year, I'm chasing unique TTM autos to keep me busy.


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Sep 30, 2017
I added a few more pieces to the Yadi Heritage Rainbow and a few other Yadier image variation short prints the last couple days.

2022 Heritage Boxtopper Yadier Molina.jpg2022 Heritage Color Swap SP Yadier Molina.jpg2022 Heritage Purple Yadier Molina.jpg

Boxtopper, Color Swap SP, Purple Chrome Refractor

2022 Heritage Red Refractor Yadier Molina.jpg
Chrome Red Refractor /573

2019 QQ Black and White.jpg 2018 Stadium Club Image Variation PSA 8.jpg 2019 Topps Holiday SP Holiday Sweater.jpg

2019 Qypsy Queen Black and White /50, 2019 Stadium Club Image Variation SP PSA 8, 2019 Topps Holiday Image SP Holiday Sweater (worst SP ever since it's only on his right arm)

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