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Oct 31, 2010
Afternoon all! Still trying to recover over the lost sleep from the weekend. Went down to Fort Collins and hit up the New Belgium brewery tour. Gotta say, it was a pretty neat tour. Didn't hurt that our tour guide was fantastic. We did the $10 tour over the free one. Ended up with 4-5 samples along the way, then got a 19 ounce can of their Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA that was canned that day. Afterwards, our tour guide was also pouring behind the bar when we ordered and only charged us for 1 instead of 3 beers.

After that, we hit up 4 smaller breweries- Purpose Brewing, Gilded Goat, Obstacle, and Zwei. Purpose was started by the guy who started brewing sour beers for New Belgium, and they rotate the beer on tap every week due to the small batches they make. Makes me wanna go back, as the 3 we tried weren't anything I'd have again, but when doing small batches, I'm sure he takes the liberty to get even more creative than normal

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