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More Pop Century For Sale and Prices Lowered


New member
Aug 23, 2008
I just pulled these and they're all available for sale.

Money order or cash only. $10 minimum sale.

(Bruce Campbell and Ralph Macchio auto are gone. The Macchio towards the bottom of the post is once again available.)

Hayden Panettiere auto #ed to 5 $90
Loni Anderson auto $30
Dennis Rodman auto $28
Sarah Douglas auto #ed to 25 $7
Richard Roundtree auto $7
Jackie Martiling auto $4

I also still have these for sale.

(Bruce Campbell, Larry Hagman, Mike Connors, Jeff Conaway & George Hamilton autos are gone.)

Vince Neil printing plate auto $45
Jennifer Korbin auto/material #ed to 36 $18
Ralph Macchio auto $14
Lita Ford auto #ed to 60 $13
Jewel Staite auto $12
Ryan O'Neal auto $11
Bai Ling auto $11
Robert Carradine auto #ed to 25 $11
Mamie Van Doren auto $11
Richard Kiel auto #ed to 25 $10
Tahnee Welch auto $9
Jimmy Walker auto $9
Mira Furlan auto $7
Brett Butler auto $7
Robert Carradine auto $7
Andrea Thompson auto $7
Richard Roundtree auto $7
Alan Thicke auto $7
Kirsten Prout auto $7
Erin Moran auto $7
Sarah Douglas auto #ed to 25 $7
Gil Gerard auto $5
Ian Ziering auto $5
Ian Ziering auto $5
Boo Boo Stewart auto $5
Stephen Furst auto $4
Christian Audigier auto $4
Christian Audigier auto $4
Jackie Martling auto $4
Chuck Zito auto $4
Justin Guarini auto (small ding in corner) $2
Sarah Douglas auto (small ding in corner) $2


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