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MrMopar's 2nd Annual Baseball's Back Contest - CLOSED to new entries - Good Luck to the Magnificent 7 contestants!


Jan 19, 2010
Time for an update as we head into the home stretch...

The guesses:

@banjar - Trea Turner (H) -190. 2nd with 168
@thelesquad - Vladimir Guerrero Jr (HR) - 48. 17th (T) with 27
@dano7 - Aaron Judge (HR) - 51. 1st with 55
@Letch77 - Walker Buehler (W) - 21. OUT FOR SEASON? with 6
@Dazed - Bo Bichette (H) - 202. 7th with 151
@WizardofOz1982 - Gerritt Cole (K) - 246. 1st with 204
@MrMet2.0 - Francisco Lindor (RBI) - 112. 8th (T) with 89

The Leaders so far:

H - Freeman (172)
HR - Judge (55) @dano7
RBI - Judge (118)
W - Kyle Wright (17)
K - Cole (204) @WizardofOz1982
S - Jansen(32) - Nobody guessed saves, but we'll still track it

We got 2 guys running neck and neck for the win. I think everyone else is about out at this point other than maybe banjar, but you never know. Turner could go on a tear with Freeman getting cold.

Nothing against dano7 winning again, but it will be extra hard to make a prize package with his strong Yankee interest. I have been trading away my extra Yankee stuff for YEARS with a good buddy of mine. Oh well, if he repeats, I'll come up with something!

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