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MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread


Jan 19, 2010
Planning to share my new Dodgers acquisitions as some of you do now for your teams. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the new adds regardless of the team and respect all team autograph collectors for their pure intentions. I will not be counting or logging percentages, although I will probably mention new additions to the team in 2020 and hopefully follow up with new signatures of those players or staff shortly after. Some of those will likely be in another team's uniform though, as has been my practice in the past. Having an item signed for every player on the team and also featuring the player in a Dodger uniform is probably next to impossible, or at least prohibitively expensive.

Always looking to add unique items and cheap bulk/quantity signatures as well, so if you have extra cards to trade or sell, don't hesitate to message me.

I will start the visual portion of this thread next week, as all of my recent new mail is still waiting for me at work after a few days off for Christmas.
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Jan 19, 2010
OK, maybe the biggest haul of the year. This was a batch sitting from before Christmas that I finally retrieved today. I am reusing ebay scans mostly. Sorry for the varying quality and sizes. Amazingly enough, only ONE Garvey related item in the entire batch. That may be some sort of record!

First the Dodgers or Farm Club images and the big hit of the season perhaps, a certified Walter O'Malley that I have been waiting to grab at a decent price for some time. I am down to just a couple HOFers for LA with a certified Dodgers card (Torre, Bunning & Wilhelm) if they even exist. That is why I love the buybacks so much these days:
Walter O'MalleyWalt.jpgClayton KershawKersh.jpgPeter O'MalleyO'Malley.jpgBill MadlockMad.jpgBrad AusmusAusmus.jpgEric GagneGagne.jpgPhil GarnerGarner.jpgAl OliverScoop.jpgWillie Davis3 Dog.jpgBrian TraxlerTraxler.jpgRed AdamsAdams.jpgMax MuncyMuncy.jpgDerek Lowe, Hung-Chic Kuo, Russell Martin, Tim Hamulak & Andre Ethier 5 UD.jpg

There were 7-8 different pages of these team rosters. Vintage signatures of Steve Garvey, Steve Yeager, Jimmy Wynn, Davey Lopes, Willie Crawford, Andy Messersmith, Walt Alston, Jim Gilliam. Not sure about Messersmith, but could be a vintage sig. His is usually a lot more artful.Alston.jpgCraw.jpgGilliam.jpgGarv.jpgmess.jpg

These came from a private signing hosted by someone on facebook. Jose Pena.Pena.jpeg

A couple prospects and a 3x5:
Dick Farrell Turk.jpg
Brandon Lewis, Devin Mann, Leo Crawford3 Elite.jpg
Kody Hoese Hoese.jpgHoese Elite.jpg

Finally, a little cheating to wrap it up. None of these players were new to the collection, but are one time Dodgers in another teams uniform. I may or may not continue to include stuff like this if I am not adding a new player to the collection. Depends on the mail day, as a good percentage of my acquisitions involve current or former Dodger players:
Al Oliver80T AO.jpg82 ao.jpgAO.jpgJuan MarichalJuan.jpgCody Ross Ross.jpgTed Savagets.jpg Tim "Charlie" Thompsontt.jpgAlex Trevino AT.jpgChuck Essegiance.jpg

I tell you, you really get to know the players on an all-time roster when you do this kind of collecting, but there are so many more that you kind of forget played for the team at times!


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Mar 22, 2015
Lafayette, Colorado
I know I'll never take up team autograph collecting, but I do appreciate it. There's something really cool and personal about having autographed cards of the guys that play for your team. Godspeed with your pursuit mrmopar.


Jan 19, 2010
Good luck. I used to chase Padres autos but nobody sticks around to become franchise players these days.

To me, that is part of the fun of the team autograph collecting, locating the obscure and not just the stars. In fact, I tend to value the Dodgers scubs higher than equal scrubs from different teams, simply because they are Dodgers. Who else would think a Luis Lopez https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/l/lopezlu01.shtml autograph was worth anything besides me? You really have to love the team to buy autos of guys that played briefly and never did much of anything else.


Jan 19, 2010
Two non Dodgers cards today, although the Blue and lack of logos on the Marichal makes it look more like a Dodgers card than a Giants card.

Juan Marichals-l1600-1.jpg

Chip Hales-l1600.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
These cards are obnoxious. Like the Leaf ITG GU dump crap, I wanted to get one of each type, not necessarily all of them. These are large, about 5'x7". The bat piece is huge, which may seem good, but it sticks off the card too far. A thin slice would accomplish the same result, but with a nicer presentation. I am in a light Garvey phase, where there just isn't anything new or unique out there to buy. Good for my wallet, I guess.Garvey.jpg

A couple more of these Archive Signature Edition cards. I have to say I really like these, if only to allow me to add some oddball/obscure players that may not have other certified autos, especially in a Dodger uniform. Rick Honeycutt:Honeycutt.jpg
Eric Gagne: Gagne.jpg

The only non-certified, Dodger uni offering today: Tommy John John.jpg

A few 3X5s: Jim Baxes, Elmer Valo & Sandy Vance: Baxes.jpgValo.jpgVance.jpg

Finally, the run of former Dodgers in a different uniform.

Al DowningAD.jpg
Shawn GilbertSG.jpg
Frank LankfordFL.jpg
Ken McMullenKM.jpg
Bill SingerBS.jpg
Wayne TerwilligerWT.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Another multi-day haul. I have not been in to work since last Friday...

Starting with Certified Dodger cards:

My first actual Garvey card since starting this thread. #'d/10 Garvey Gold .jpg
Eric GagneGagne.jpg

The rest are non-certified cards, postcard or smaller sized photos and 3x5s:

Lot of 25 Dodger cards (I love this stuff when I can get them cheap). No star power, but I don't mind the obscure and the commons:
R. Abercrombie
L. Allen
N Alvarez (x2)
V. Alvaraz
R. Bournigal (x2)
A. Brown
B. Butler (x5)
T. Goodwin
T. Hamulack (x3)
G. Hansell
D. Hansen (x2)
G. Ingram
R. McDowell (x2)
J. Thurston (was Everett hitting coach this past season, got to meet him)
T. Woodson
25 lot 1.jpg25 lot 2.jpg

Davey Lopes Lopes.jpg

Various photos/postcards (Dodgers):
Red BarkleyBarkley.jpg
Roy GleasonGleason.jpg
Ralph MaurielloMauriello.jpg
Andy MessersmithMessersmith.jpg
Manuel OnisOnis.jpg
Howie ReedReed.jpg

Other Team Pictured (Former/Future Dodgers):

Dave GoltzDG.jpg

Luis AlcarazLA.jpg
Tommie DavisTD.jpg
John DeSilvaJD.jpg
Gus MancusoGM.jpg

3x5/Back of PCs:

Ed AmelungAmelung 3x5.jpg
Bill Antonelloantonello 3X5.jpg
Carlos Diaz (x5)Diaz 3x5.jpg
Burt HootonHooton 3x5.jpg
Mel MalletteMallette 3x5.jpg
Don RossRoss 3x5.jpg
WelchWelch 3x5.jpg

Got a major hit coming in soon, hopefully, and one I actually needed and was not already a dupe!


Jan 19, 2010
I keep saying it, and yet it doesn't seem to ever come true. I say repeatedly that I want to cut back and start to laser focus the buying to only key "must have" items, so that I slow the growth of my collection for the eventual sell off at a later date. The thrill of the deal just keeps me locked in. I am not a frequent big spender, but I can knock out a lot of little purchases with ease, spending the same as if it were a big purchase, so it is easy to lose control.

I want to say that this may be my key pick-up of the year, because I want to spend less. However, you never know what will pop on to ebay, so I will say this with a grain of salt.

This knocks off a Dodgers need and a HOF need, the latter being something I have nearly stagnated on, with the exception of an occasional new member that I had missed before (and that rarely happens too, because I have been trying to prepare for the most likely future candidates too).

Larry MacPhail, one time President and General Manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers.


I don't usually "splurge" with ebay bucks, meaning I don't go out and look for something I would not otherwise buy anyway. I figure if I am going to spend the money anyway, I might as well use the bucks to pay off multiple smaller purchases. This time though, a larger purchase just happened to coincide with the bucks award. The seller also offered a very nice discount offer shortly after I saw and put it on my watch list. I could not resist the combination of "free" money to spend and a great discount! I accepted the offer immediately after I saw it.

If you want to look at it from the perspective that the bucks are "free" or "found" money, which is essentially true, I only ended up spending about $35 on this item from my own money. I am quite happy about that!


Jan 19, 2010
Today's arrivals are not very blue...

Kevin Pasley Pasley 3x5.jpg
Floyd RobinsonRobinson 3x5.jpg
Ed Roebuck Roebuck 3x5.jpg
Dick Teed Teed 3x5.jpg

Former Dodger double-shot:

Juan Marichal. I have been grabbing a fair number of Marichal autos. They are not really expensive and I like the looks. I would really love to find an oddball Dodgers card someday though...JM 1.jpgJM.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
I guess the way my mail is delivered (or not delivered some days), I will just plan to share multi-day delivery bounties here and there. This was a 2 day haul:

Max Muncy/Chris Taylor DualMuncy Taylor Dual.jpg
Darryl StrawberryStrawberry.jpg
Max MuncyMuncy.jpg
Lot of 5 certified Dodgers MLB/Minors with Mike Blowers, Adrian Burnside, Gorman Erickson, Jason Repko, Allen WebsterDodger 5.jpg

Another Juan Marichal!JM 2.jpg
Disgraced former Red Sox Manager and former Dodger Alex CoraCora.jpg

And the lone non-certified, a Kellogg's Don Sutton. They don't show up well, but I kind of like these signed.Sutton.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
A Konerko certified minors card to start us off todayKonerko.jpg

Adam Kennedy, who wrapped up his career in LA: AK.jpg

A couple team issue 5x7 photos, Dusty Baker & Elias Sosa Baker.jpgSosa.jpg

Former Dodger Curt Davis and a bonus Tuck Stainback, which was found on the reverse of another item I won from the same seller. Frank Demaree was on the front, with Stainback on the reverse!Davis.jpgStainback.jpeg


Jan 19, 2010
Now that I am updating this thread as mail arrives, the little nuisances about my work mail delivery really start to stand out. Had a stretch where mail was late or not delivered.

This first one is one of those that I was really excited about, because well...you normally just wouldn't see a guy like this on a certified card for a team he barely played for. Props again to Archives Signature edition, the way to make a certified card of almost anyone on any team if they pick right for your tastes. Someone else must also be chasing short time Dodgers like this because this card was oddly more expensive than I would have liked or expected and I got blasted on a Tim Wallach a few weeks back. This is numbered to only 6 copies, but it's still Zeile!

Todd Zeile:


Rick Honeycutt: He showed up in Archives this year, but on the A's. Grabbed the blue /25, as I try to get as many of the /25 each year as I can before they dry up. I also have a Rangers auto of his from the 96 Leaf Signature Update set, a GREAT set for some obscure players if you need certified cards. I think the only way we'd see Rick on a Dodgers card is via Archives Signature buyback edition. Would love to see a regular Archives card of him as an early Mariner some day. Honeycutt.jpg

Steve Sax: Sax does not have a great signature and the gold ink doesn't show well on this card, but it was cheap.Sax Archives.jpg

I have a couple Machado, but this one was better looking than most Dodgers cards I have seen that were not insanely priced and was relatively inexpensive. This one is /25. He has cooled a bit since I first tried to grab a Dodgers auto. If you can wait, it is almost always better...ALMOST. Sometimes you get burned though. Machado.jpg

I am going to cheat a little on this one. I technically took possession of it, but this was my first (and only so far) COMC auction win from ebay. Paid via store credit and transferred it to my port. Not sure when I will have another shipment, might be after Black Friday, so this one may pop up again when I actually have it in hand. Al Oliver #'d to 10: Oliver.jpg

Finally, how many Marichal's does one person need? I actually bid on this, won a ruby ending sooner and then never got outbid on the original one. This is a dupe I did not mean to get. The lack of logos will always be an issue, but he is shown as a Giant here anyway: JM Ruby.jpg
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