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MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread


Jan 19, 2010
Today, speaking of Oliver, brings yet another Archives Oliver. This is a newer card that reprints his rookie year card and is numbered /37. I really was not planning to buy any of the post retirement archives for him, but this one was a decent price, so I went for it. Oliver 37.jpg

The other item should be considered my first 2021 Dodgers autograph purchase to arrive, however I have been watching, following and offering on this one for a good 3+ months, maybe more. As the seller continued to drop his opening bid level, I made an offer on 1/1/21 and it was finally one the seller accepted. The shipping time from CA is good too, considering what we have all been seeing. Still have not decided how I want to proceed with new pick-ups into 21, but this one was too many and some nice one's not to share.

The item is a 1982 Dodgers team ball, singed by some good ones. The problem is that they used one of those cheap plastic balls. The ink bled and the signatures are not overly strong. I normally would have passed on this, but the line up is actually pretty awesome, so I finally nabbed it for $25 plus s/h. It looks a little better in person. I cringe a little about balls like this and also the what might have been. I share a tale of nearly meeting Garvey in 1980. This exact ball was what my aunt bought for my brother and me, but she also bought us a 1980 Yearbook. Assuming the signing doesn't cut short, leaving me a very disappointed kid, and two signatures were allowed, I would not have been too bothered by getting the cheap ball signed and having it turn to crap later, because I would have had the yearbook signature too. None of that happened, so it is pointless to discuss further.

Anyway, the line up on this ball is another who's who of obscure and short time Dodgers, several of which are not overly plentiful autographs. I'd say a very nice deal for $25.

Dave Stewart
Don Crow
Ken Landreaux
Steve Shirley
Steve Garvey
Bob Welch (below Garvey & barely visible in first image)

Mark Belanger
Bill Russell
Dusty Baker
Steve Sax

Tom Niedenfuer
Mike Marshall (Infielder, of course)
Burt Hooton

Jerry Reuss
Joe Beckwith
Jorge Orta
Jose Morales
Ricky Wright

A better view of the Welch. I guess Lasorda was not around to sign the sweet spot, as it is blank, but not a big deal.


Jan 19, 2010
Today brings a pretty good haul, considering how long mail is sitting in the system. The certified Dodger cards are all under 20 copies each.

Garvey /5. Cool card and it was not that long ago that a Garvey auto with a 3X GU selection would have been very exciting for me. Not so much anymore, but still a nice add. Garvey 5.jpg

James Loney. /20lONEY.jpg.
This one is cool, but already have a better Eddie Murray /10 with logos! Murray.jpg

Jose Peraza Peraza 20.jpg

Last Dodger item is actually my 2nd 2021 buy. A very cheap, number padding auto that was under $4! Looks like one of those 5x7 photo pack items mounted to a stiffer backing. It is creased, but still ok. Garv.jpg

From the Former/future DAodger camp today comes:

Garrett Anderson. Anderson.jpg

Jim Leyritz. Leyritz.jpg

The last one is technically not what i would consider a Dodger for my collection. He is not pictured as a Dodger, but he also never played a game for the team either at the minor or major league level, yet he technically WAS a Dodger very briefly.

Homer Bailey joined the Dodgers via a trade with the Reds on Dec 21, 2019:

December 21, 2018: Traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Jeter Downs (minors) and Josiah Gray (minors) to the Los Angeles Dodgers for Kyle Farmer, Matt Kemp, Yasiel Puig, Alex Wood and cash.

The Dodgers then turned around and released him the following day! The royals would utilize Homer that following season, while the Dodgers payed the bulk of his $22M salary!!

The card was being sold by someone who I was already buying several cards from and was cheap, and it's not a bad card (that signature placement sucks and there are some weird holographic lines), so I bought it. Technically a Dodger for a day, so what the hell, why not? Bailey.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
8 days into 2021 and still have not received all of my 2020 purchases yet! Big mail day though, so the list is getting smaller...

Don Sutton /10 is the lone certified Dodger card today. From that new 70s set, Sutton.jpg

Next we have a lot of 4 8x10s. 4 8x10.jpg

George Culver was 4-4 with a 3.00 era in 28 games with the 1973 Dodgers. The Dodgers purchased his contract from the Astros and then he was put on waivers and selected by the Phillies, whom which he finished the season with, going 3-1. He was 1-0 in 14 games the following year and that would be it.

Al Downing

Steve Garvey

Duke Sims, the reason why I bought the lot. Had never seen an 8x10 with him on the Dodgers. He played in LA in 1972 and part of the 73 season. The Dodger gave up Ray Lamb and Alan Foster to get Sims from Cleveland.

Cliff Dapper. His MLB career was 8 games in 1942 for the Dodgers. Dapper.jpg

Lee Lacy 5x7 photo pack s-l1600.jpg

Rick Monday 8x10 Team Issue Photo. Monday.jpg

Tom Paciorek PC. Paciorek.jpg

Rip Repulski. Repulski.jpg

Elias Sosa 8x10 team issue. Sosa.jpg

Zoilo Versalles. 8x10 Versalles.jpg

The former/future Dodgers continued in the next post


Jan 19, 2010
starting out with a Fan favorites card, but also a 2021 purchase (unless we close out 2020)

Rafael Furcal Silver /99. FuRCAL .jpg

Rick Monday 67T High number. (pretty happy about this one, as I don't have a lot of high numbers, signer or otherwise. Monday copy.jpg

Jerry Royster. Can't ever get enough trophy cards! Royster.jpg

Finally, Hoyt Wilhelm. wILHELM.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Dang, forgot to post one. This is a Dodgers Christmas card. it's mid 70s, maybe 76-79 range. I had recognized Jo Wetton's name from somewhere when I saw this pop up and sure enough, she was on the promotions staff in the 1977 Yearbook, so I have to try to identify the other 2 if I can. If they were featured in a yearbook, that is. Likely office staff, nothing essential to the team or anything, but still pretty darn cool stuff. Maybe one turns out to be a manager or director of a department???



Jan 19, 2010
Today officially ends 2020 with regard to autographs I purchased and received. The last 2 cards showed up. They were a 1972 Bobby Valentine and a 1977 Don Stanhouse. This concludes a photo diary of all Dodger related signatures I added to my collection in 2020. Mostly duplicate signatures, but a few newbies and some great new items even if I had the signature already on something else. it's time to change direction on this thread. more about that at the end.


Today also brought new TTM/IP cards of Len Gabrielson and Tim Harkness. Both from small lots of cards with flawed signatures or personalizations. They were super cheap lots Gabrielson.jpgHarkness.jpg

If I am seeing this correctly, this is my first Steve Garvey autographed card of 2021. This one is /15 and goes with the 6/10 I bought a couple weeks ago. I may have another from this set coming soon....sadly, not 6/15, but rather 8/15. The buyer of 6/15 paid $100. I paid $38 for mine. Garv 15.jpg

The last item I got today may very well be my best item of the year. I keep speaking of a slowdown and after sharing with you all every single dodger and Dodger related autograph I received in 2020 within this thread, clearly I was not slowing by any means. I think I said something similiar with a Larry MacPhail, but also claiming a Walter O'Malley this past year made it a good year. I can't imagine I will come up with anything that will top those, as new signatures are almost impossible for me now. If/When I can land a Dodgers auto of Mookie Betts, I am going to be pretty excited about that. He, Victor Gonzalez and Zach McKinstry still elude me as the only LA Dodgers I still need. Enough of talk about what I don't have and back to what I do have. This last item really deserved a thread of it's own. I already have several signatures of this former player, a couple certified even, but this was kind of a whale for me. Have wanted this since the set came out in 1995!

1995 Topps Brooklyn Dodgers Archives Sandy Koufax. This card was randomly inserted into boxes of the all dodger set. They are not numbered, but I think I have read there were around 1000 copies. They are not easy to find, or cheap. I have always loved the 1956 Topps set and of course, any Koufax is a score, but this one is just special. No other certified autographs came from that set, which is criminally unfortunate. That was a huge missed opportunity for Topps and would have allowed for some pretty awesome cards.


I could end the year now with this one, but I am thinking that moving forward, only items I feel are worth a special mention will be shared. This could be a very cool oddball item, a low serial numbered card, an item featuring a player who is not normally associated with the Dodgers, but he is shown as such, etc. PLUS, they have to be in a Dodger uniform if it is a photo or card item. The selection will be at my discretion, but I will try to keep it interesting.

The one exception will be any signature that is new to my collection, regardless of how boring or common it may be. for example, if I got a Zach McKinstry 3x5, this would be shown, although I am the only person in the world who cares!


Jan 19, 2010
I may miss the self-monitoring of this thread, but I cut the cord officially. Several mail days have passed with nothing to share that was worthy. Today was a bumper crop though and worthy of a share, to me at least.

The first is a non-Dodger, but it is Garvey. It's also #6/20, his jersey number. I actually like the look of the card image too. I thought about sharing ALL Garvey pick-ups, but I doubt I will stick to that. Sometimes I just get stuff that is too boring, even for me.

Garvey 6-20.jpg

I will also share this one because i like the design. I am a 70s guy all around, would have loved living in the era as a slightly older person, but at least i got to see it live, although I was a preteen. Also a non-Dodger. I won't make this a habit, but it is a cool looking card, even with sticker auto. Love that high kick!! Juan Marichal. That signature is getting a bit shakey. Not to sound insensitive, but grab your Marichal autos now if you don't have one and still need one. You may still have plenty of time yet, but you never know! He is 83 after all. Marichal 25.jpg

Lastly, this one has a story behind it. I have wanted one ever since i saw it in someone's photobucket. I was a few years too late though, but after landing the Kershaw/Harris combo recently for a solid price, this one popped up at a crqzy high price. I offered $80 and was declined. The seller then started lowering his price every couple of listings and eventually it hit $80. By that time, I was a little bitter and kind of wanted to see how low it might go. I thought i might lose out, but was willing to give it a shot. It got down to $60 and I passed a couple times. I was ready to buy at the next listing at hopefully a slightly lower price, but decided I was ready to pay $60 too if the price was held steadt once more. It didn't get relisted! Murphy's Law! After he sold a bunch of other stuff, it showed back up again, this time back around $120! WTF? I think I saw it relist a few times w/o the price changing and finally it went up for BO. I offered $60 and it was accepted.

I am not convinced this isn't more like a $30 card now, but I am OK with the price. Noren is deceased now, but was not a major player in the hobby and Ethier had a decent career, but nothing spectacular. Still, I was once willing to pay $80, so a 25% discount felt right.

Noren Ethier.jpg


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Apr 6, 2010
The Poconos
Do you have Travis Taijeron?

I still can’t post pics but it was an extra he sent me back from a TTM, it’s a 2018 choice OKC Dodgers card, OKCDodgers jersey that looks like a regular Dodgers jersey but different patches, okc batting helmet

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Jan 19, 2010
Took a chance on this one. Didn't have the card itself, so figure even if it were to be fake, it still displays OK. It was surprisingly cheap, so that may be the telltale sign, but stranger things have happened! His signature is such a scribble that it makes it tough to really tell, for me at least. The Lykes card is smaller than I thought it would be too, which was a surprise. I assumed they were standard card size, but more like a 75 Mini. My first 1993 Lykes.

Maddux Lykes.jpg

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