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MrMopar's New Dodgers Autograph Thread


Jan 19, 2010
This is about 3-4 days worth. Just probably not going to be getting to my office very often in the coming weeks. I will make a trip periodically to pick up mail (assuming someone is there to receive it) and gather up things as needed to continue working remotely as we fight to halt the spread of coronavirus! I am in "death central" for the US after all.

Didn't plan to win this as I added a similar one not long ago, but the bidding was not as spirited as I expected and my bid held on. can't complain about a Furillo, let alone one like this numbered to 10 copies, Carl Furillo /10: Furillo 10.jpg
Steve Garvey /49: Garvey 49.jpg
2nd copy of this one, as I like the look and hoping maybe he'll do something big: Keibert Ruiz: Ruiz.jpg
Jordan Sheffield: Sheffield.jpg
Will Smith Black version /199: Smith.jpg

Garvey - Think this was cut from an ad poster, but seems too large. It is around 5x7 or so: Garvey.jpg
Alfredo Griffin:Griffin.jpg
Al Oliver: Oliver copy.jpg
John Shelby: Shelby.jpg
Mitch Webster: Webster.jpg

Pete Reiser: Reiser.jpg
Jimmy Wasdell: Wasdell.jpg

Finally, a certified former/future Dodger:

Esteban Loaiza on a nice Triple: Loaiza.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Time for a catch up post. Coronavirus mailday delays...Am I right?

Lead it off with a new Garvey I did not already have. I am finding the non-licensed items to be less desirable by the day and I have actually begun to chase some less aggressively and not even worry when I lose out. It's still tough to lose a nice licensed item I needed though. This one is /5 from one of Panini's many bland issues:

Steve Garvey /5Garvey 5.jpg
Tony Gonsolin: Gonsolin.jpg
Yasmani Grandal /25: Grandal 25.jpg
Joe Moeller Basic & Red Heritage Autos. Just need the Tommy Dean Red and I'll be happy with what I have grabbed for 2020 Heritage: Moeller Red.jpgMoeller.jpg
Andrew Toles /10 Topps Now, my first of it's kind. Wanted one of those Kiki Hernandez autos from last year, but the cheapest I saw one was still close to if not over $100. I know they debuted high, but people like to buy high and sell low all the time for some weird reason, so I will continue to wait: Toles 10.jpg

Here is one I was pretty excited to see show up. I had his signature, but not on a certified card issue! I can see it settling down much lower, but for now they are selling pretty strongly in the $40+ range. Jaime Jarrin, Dodgers Spanish Radio Announcer. Now if only I could land a Vin Scully certified card in the same ballpark, I would be in heaven.
Who knew the guy was so friggin popular!? Jarrin.jpg

Last of the "certified", although technically not. Ed Goodson. He is one of those irritatingly tough commons that we team collectors have to endure: Goodson.jpg

There are a rash of non-certified Dodger cards I got, mostly in larger lots.

1980 Topps Joe Ferguson, Jerry Reuss, Derrel Thomas: 80T.jpg
1981 Topps Bobby Castillo, Dave Goltz, Jay Johnstone, Rudy Law, Don Stanhouse, Gary Thomasson:81T.jpg
1989 Topps Dave Anderson, Tim Belcher, Rick Dempsey, Mickey Hatcher, Ricky Horton, Jay Howell, Tim Leary, John Tudor, Tracy Woodson: 89T Lot.jpg
1989 Topps Bill Bene, Alfredo Griffin, Ken Howell, Jesse Orosco, Franklin Stubbs: 89T Lot copy.jpg
1990 Topps Kal Daniels, Rick Dempsey, Alfredo Griffin, Mike Morgan, Alejandro Pena, John Wetteland: 90T Lot.jpg

Not sure about this lot. I have seen a few lots loaded with newer Dodger star players that seem to go cheap. This lot had similar caliber stars but older...it was missing the typical Bellinger, Kershaw and some of the newer hot guys and had a few commons too. I didn't expect to win this though and bid very low so as not to lose much or reward someone if they were fakes. I suspect a few are good, maybe most. Who knows, maybe they all are OK? If any are bad, I am not out much $ at all. All are dupes for the players and some of the cards themselves too, so no loss either way. Let's just say my gut is on the fence about this one. Something about if it seems too good to be true...

Adrian Beltre, Kevin Brown, Carl Crawford, Rafael Furcal, Steve Garvey, Todd Hollandsworth, Matt Kemp, Hiroki Kuroda, James Loney, Yasiel Puig, Manny Ramirez, Gary Sheffield, Don Sutton, Jim Thome, Shane Victorino, Wesley Wright: Lot.jpg

The remaining stragglers...

Davey Lopes: Lopes.jpg
Jose Morales: Morales.jpg
Dual Mike Kekich/Hector Valle: Kekich Valle.jpg

The lone certified former/future, let's hope he plays a game for them, as this is #2 auto card for me on speculation...Blake Treinen: BT.jpg

The former/future gang...

Hank Edwards:HE.jpg
Ron Fairly: rf.jpg
Chip Hale: CH.jpg
John Kennedy: JK.jpg
Johnny Schmitz PAIR: JS.jpgJS54.jpg
Wayne Terwilliger: WT.jpg
Geoff Zahn: GZ.jpg

This kick ass Juan Marichal 8X10 with that awesome high kick pose: JM 8X10.jpg

Lastly, the 3x5/cuts...

Gil English: GE 3X5.jpg
George Fallon: GF 3X5.jpg
Ed Goodson: EG 3X5.jpg
Max Macon: MM 3X5.jpg
Lemmie Miller: LM 3X5.jpg
Wally Moon: WM 3X5.jpg
Gary Moore: GM 3X5.jpg

Lastly, a neat lot of cuts and 2 balls (one not shown, but only had Wills), mostly 1962 era Dodgers and a few other assorted names...

Dick Calmus (Ball)
Doug Camilli (Ball)
Tommie Davis (Ball)
Gil Hodges (Cut)
Frank Howard (x2) (Ball & Paper)
Norm Larker (Cut)
Wally Moon (x2) (Ball & PC)
Greg Mulleavy (Ball)
Nate Oliver (Small photo)
Pete Richert (Ball)
Moose Skowron (Cut taped to photo)
Lee Walls (Ball)
Maury Wills (x2) (Balls)

There are 3 cut signatures I can't ID and one of them is also on the ball, but signed over on one panel. It night be Irv Noren, but not positive. The other 2 are complete ? They are the top right (Also on ball - Noren?) and two bottom cuts if anyone thinks they know. It seems some or all of these may have come from a 1962 Baseball Camp hosted by Wally Moon. Other names were Tony Kubek, Tom Tresh, Jim Piersall (I think), Bobby Knoop (I think), Bob Meyer & Bob Rodgers along with the unidentified names.
Hodges Lot.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
A couple I remembered to direct to my house instead of work.

Scott Van Slyke: Van Slyke.jpg
Carl Erskine double signed: Erskine.jpg
Cleo James: CJ.jpg
Ed Vande Berg (Can't get enough of these Mariners Tam issued PCs. If you have any signed or unsigned and willing to move them, please let me know: EV.jpg
Carmen Mauro: mAURO.jpg
Van Lingle Mungo: Mungo.jpg
Whitlow Wyatt: Wyatt.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
His signature is fairly plain, but it shows up nice as he signed in a good spot. I like the card itself for the trophy and have always liked 71T design. The vet autos I collected were decent (Ferrara, Moeller & Dean). I am not willing to pay for a Red ink Smith at the prices his regular go for. Maybe if he fizzles, I can pick one up later at a bargain price. I got both versions of Ferrara and Moeller. Now I just need a red ink Dean to close out the "set". I'd pick up a couple of the other Dodger young prospects later too, if they dropped in price (Lux, etc).


Jan 19, 2010
Matt Kemp: Kemp.jpg

Micah Johnson - A whole 7 games for the Dodgers and 1 hit. Still, this was only a buck and change. A nice score: MJ.jpg
Howie Kendrick: HK.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Was really hoping to be able to show the two similar autos together, but covid threw a curve ball. I went and retrieved most of my mail topday, although I think the PO missed a couple. Either that or I may have 1-2 packages sitting on my desk at work.

Anyway, after scoring the Jaime Jarrin announcer card, I also landed another famous Dodgers announcer. No, not Vin Scully...yet. This was from a bit further back. I am surprised I was able to win this card actually, as it went relatively cheap. It is just a cut in a fancy frame after all, though. it is a 1/1 Presenting Red Barber: Barber 1-1.jpg

Chin Lung Hu /68. He didn't do much in the bigs, but this is a pretty neat card:hu.jpg

Charles Johnson, yet another short time Dodger who was captured on a certified card via this Archive series: johnson.jpg

Russell Martin: Martin.jpg

I guess I am not quite done with Marichal, although I would really, really like someone to make a Dodger card for him to autograph. This one is /10: JM 10.jpg

A couple non-cert police cards...

Candy Maldanado: Maldanado.jpg
Jose Morales: Morales.jpg

Finally, a lot of Dodgers 8x10 photos which included 2 autographed items. I really just wanted the Garvey, as I had not seen a Target appearance photo before. It looks legit, not homemade, so guessing he did a signing at one of their stores at some point. The rest were just filler.

Steve Garvey & Tommy Davis 8x10: Garvey T Davis.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Forgot 4 former/future non-certified cards:

Dick Dietz:s-l500-1.jpg
Jim Hickman:s-l500-3.jpg
Andy Kosco:s-l500-2.jpg
Fred Norman:s-l500.jpg


Active member
Nov 19, 2008
Archives is great for getting those random players on team cards. Tom "Flash" Gordon does not really do signings, but Archives got him on his one Astros card, so I was able to cross him off the list.


Jan 19, 2010
Paul LoDuca /25. I do like these gold hometown heroes. Nice set despite the lack of logos and a good selection of somewhat obscure guys with fewer autos to choose from. Loduca.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Had a pretty good sized mail day Monday, but no time to sort through it fully until today, plus I added tue-wed mail as well. I have a pretty good selection on the way too, watch, they will all show on the same day again!

Yasmani Grandal. I love these Archive cards as you know and this one puts me back to being a kid and seeing that huge faced 67 Mantle for the first time. I just like the simple design. This one is /54. Grandal 54.jpg

One of many downsides to borrowing scans is that you only have what you were given to work with. This is a great two sided card, Stadium Club Co-Signers, but the seller only scanned one side. The good news is, we bought a new printer/scanner the other day. The bad news is I have not yet tried to figure out how to work the scanner. Raul Mondesi/Eric Karros. Mond Karros.jpg

Edwin Jackson /22. Jackson 22.jpg

Mark Grudzielanak. Grudz.jpg

This one would be pretty damn exciting, if anyone cared who Angel Berroa was. He crossed my radar twice. Once as a member of the Topps All Rookie Team (Trophy card) and later when he joined the Dodgers. He did win ROY in 2003, had at least one other similar season, but it was mostly downhill from there for his 8 year career. he only played 1 year with the Dodgers, 2008. He got into 84 games and was pretty meh offensively. The card is #'d to 4 copies though, so that is kind of cool. I had to let go of a whopping $3.28 to land this baby. I'm sure there is at least 1 Angel Berroa collector out there that may be jealous of that, perhaps even Berroa himself? Berroa 4.jpg

Another Co-Signer, this one features just 1 future Dodger, Robin Ventura. Ventura spent parts of the final 2 seasons of his career with LA in 2003-04. He was not awesome then. I don't know if he did what the dodgers wanted him to do during those seasons, but his career was pretty much on the downward stretch anyways. A certified Ventura with the Dodgers would have been sweet, but I am aware of no such card at this time. The flip side features Alan Benes, brother of Andy. Too bad the Dodgers didn't snag him for a handful of games at the end of his career too. Ventura Alan Benes.jpg

Some old timer 8x10s...a bunch of no-namers here!

Al Epperly, 5 games with Dodgers in 1950. Epperly.jpg
Don Ross, 10 games in 1940. Ross.jpg
Gene Schott, looks like just 1 game as a pinch runner in 1939! On June 20th, in the top of the ninth, Schott would pinch run for Cookie Lavagetto, who had just singled as a pinch hitting for Leo Durocher. The next batter, Gene Moore, would hit into a double play to end the game. There is no other statistical evidence that I saw that Schott appeared again in a MLB game after that! Looks like he probably finished off the season in Montreal and then his career came to an end. How about that for a short timer? Schott.jpg
Chuck Templeton, 10 games across the 55-56 seasons. Templeton.jpg
Danny Walton, 18 games in 1976. Walton.jpg

This is the kind of stuff I love to read about. None of these guys really made a splash, but they played.

Steve Yeager Police Card. Yeager.jpg

I have his signature on a VHS sleeve and now the brim of this hat, but I still really want a card or photo signed some day. I honestly do not understand the demand and pricing for Scully. He was a big name announcer for sure, but was around a very long time and is still alive!? I know he probably signed less than the average ballplayer over the same time frame (He called games for the Dodgers for 67 consecutive years!!!) and his certified issues of late and limited in quantities, but are that many people huge fans of Scully? WTF??? On second thought, regarding this hat, I wonder if it is even real. Scully was 90 in 2018 and I imagine signing a hat is a lot harder to do than a flat photo for a 90 year old. The sig looks pretty solid for a man of that age. I hope it is real, but now I am starting to doubt myself.

I also have a hat signed by Dave Niehaus (his sig is also hard to find at a reasonable price too). Maybe I could get some neat custom cards made for both. Scully.jpg

Finally, a couple of non-cert former/future Dodgers:

Jim Gentile. JG.jpg
Claude Osteen. CO.jpg
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Jan 19, 2010
Starting it off today with a somewhat rare )these days) jersey serial number. I used to be very passionate about collecting them and will still grab any one I can find...at a REASONABLE price. I have a rival that will fight for these and they pay more than I do most of the time. I have trained myself to let them go when the cost makes no sense compared to similar card. Can't get them all, so why overpay for any of them now?

6/49 was a BIN, so no battle this time. Garvey 6-49.jpg

This is the only other "certified" card. I didn't take time to really look close, but it is some sort of cheesy looking manufacturer issued cut. Davey Johnson. It was cheap! DJ.jpg

Ron Fairly. Fairly.jpg
Mickey Hatcher. Hatch.jpg
Clem Labine. Labine 60.jpg
Greg's bro, Mike Maddux. Too bad they were never Dodger teammates! Maddux.jpg

Terry Forster photo. Forster.jpg
Don Newcombe newspaper cover. Newk.jpg

Rocky Bridges and his ever present cheek full of chaw. RB.jpg
Jeff Torborg. JT.jpg


Jackie Collum. Collum.jpg
Vic Lombardi. Lombardi.jpg
Ralph Mauriello. Mauriello.jpg
Hector Valle. Valle.jpg
Lee Walls. Walls.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
A light day today....got a big one or two days coming very soon though

Al Oliver. AO.jpg

Jim Gott, Jay Howell, Jose Offerman & Bill Russell from a lot. 4 lot.jpg

Davey Johnson. DJ copy.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Tim Wallach /5. Wallach 5.jpg

Another batch of mostly no-namers.

Phil Haudstad, 28 games over 3 season 1947-48 & 51. Haugstad.jpg

Alex Kampouris, 45 games across 3 seasons 1941-43. Kampouris.jpg

Ken Lehman, 32 games over 3 seasons 1952 & 56-57. Lehman.jpg

Morrie Martin, 10 games in 1949. Martin.jpg

Danny Walton, 18 games in 1976. s-l1600.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Johnny Podres Heritage Red /58. Podres.jpg

Yasiel Puig Puig.jpg

A quad of Duke Snider, from someone who was breaking up or selling a break of certified Snider cards. There must have been 30-40 or more. I didn't go crazy because they were all priced up a bit, so I picked a few I really liked/wanted.

/10. Snider 10.jpg

/20. Snider 20.jpg

/50. Snider 50.jpg

Snider ROH.jpg

Don Zimmer Heritage Red /58. Zimmer.jpg


Jan 19, 2010
Ventured out into the covid wasteland today to pick up some new acquisitions from Mill Creek Sports (Ferrara and the Millers).

Al Ferrara Ferrara.jpg
Dave Hansen Hansen.jpg
A trio of Bob Miller, not to be confused with Bob Miller or Bob Miller. There was a couple year stretch around 57-58 where all three Bob Millers were active on MLB rosters. Miller 63.jpgMiller 64.jpgMiller 65.jpg

Jim Poole Poole.jpg

This one contained a mix of future/former as well as one current Dodger. Sandy Vance, Ken McMullen, Aaron Sele and John Tudor. m s t v.jpg

Finally, a Gary Carter religious card. Gary was a card collector himself. Would have been cool to talk cards with him. I heard he even signed one of these cards after he was diagnosed with the brain tumor and inscribed it in such a way that it looked like it could only have been signed after his passing. A little morbid humor from Gary trying to make the best of his situation perhaps? I'll have to try to find where I saw that, but if I recall, it was for a very close friend who was not planning to move the card into the aftermarket.