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My trade list from the old beckett


New member
Aug 7, 2008
Portland, OR
Good traders (Beckett):

fondala, fykeadelic (x2) (sent 1/1 in PWE), pujols4life, nordy22, cpr1981, brokenliz1 (x3), gameboy869, dsennholz (x2), Snellingfan, biggmack2001 (x3), Yankeelegend51080, 908, fables3 (x4), caseya10781, kemputer, bigmacthomas2535, 24jrgriffey, matsuicollector, dodgerchromie (x2), shnapper27, kandikards, kuggy2, jherrera, KCBeltranFan, johnnyappleseed, gregpaa, skorris, yankeefan1988, gredn5 (x2), RGRJohn (x2), brianalexanderprice, randymevans (x5), dweems (x3), plmplshpatrick, Cashmoney655, breant1, bmricci13, fugazzi, mudflap02, johncyr, tommyfro21, izzydodgerblue (x2), ebeneezedbag, studioclint, golfman61, chippernate, vodkalodka, SPORTSCARDKID (x2), terry5308, CISCO KIDD, hockey1st, mamunrud, rebelsbaseball3, thejackaryman8 (x2), Jpbaseball1322, mudflap02, cchismar86, angelsrockies4ever, Anthony D., papapitts, coqxxx4, MLublansky, bballjunky24, mighty bombjack, ST LOUIS COLLECTOR A.K.A.(crazed1967), kingjason, jdpreas, jake65, chromerookies, raidaz89, mrmojorrisin71, pratamaz212, jet0002 (x2)

Probably never deal with again:
jumpingbeanz (over 4 weeks to receive damaged cards)

tselenow (shipped "a while back", post mark was 2 days before I received cards, but 2 weeks after trade was finalized)

BLUEY2J (trade made on 11/13/07 - no cards to date)

Astros4me (shipped later than agreed upon, main card of trade was messed up corners and chipped edges)

jak1313 (trade made on 1/4/08 - no cards to date)

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