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Need help coming up with a new thread topic!!


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Aug 29, 2008
North Seattle
I can change the title to the "Official Worst Thread Topic Thread" if we get enough interest! Post up your topics! This will be fun!

Heres mine: What's your favorite baseball base card?
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Sep 9, 2011
"What's your favorite font ever used on a card and why?"

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Aug 7, 2008
Lake in the Hills, IL
I'm quitting the hobby for good. How many weeks should I wait to come back here?

Should Mario Mendoza be in the Hall of Fame? Here's 5 inane statistics supporting his candidacy.

This thread topic is lame, been posted 5 other times, and is a waste of space - but can I still have my $1 FCB reward please?


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Apr 19, 2011
Check out my auto'd willie and balls collection!!

Did i get ripped off on shipping????

Sellers on ebay, are a joke!!!


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Apr 19, 2011
My steal of the week!!!!!
The guy made a huge mistake in his
Listing and instead of doing the right
Thing and letting him know, i held
Him to it and screwed the guy out
Of paying his bills. He must have
Lost a bunch of money!!!! I made
A killing.

Anyone want to pat me on the back or want a business card autod by me????

I have the card listed on ebay.
My ebay name is:: prospecting/integrity
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