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Need help with 1996 crash the game cards


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Jun 20, 2010
Sunny Florida
I have spent hours on the web looking for info on the winner's cards I.E. the send back cards. Check list. I am trying to build this sent but it seem not every player has one. Case in point Joe Carter it seems is not in the send backs. As along with a few other players. Please help


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Sep 30, 2009
Marlton NJ
I don't know if this is going to help you
1996 collectors choice crash winners
collectors who held "you crash the game" insert cards with dates ranges on which the pictured player hit a home run could redeem them (for $1.75 per card) for a premium card of that player. the redemption cards have a layer of clear plastic bordered to a wood-laminate front. within a starburst cutout in the center is the player photo with a red background. cards have a crash/game logo on the lower right corner in either silver or gold. depending on which card was submitted for exchange. backs have 1995 and career stats along with licensing and copyright data. there was no willing cards of Tim Salmon, Larry Walker, and joe carter
complete set 27
gold cards are worth double
cr1 chipper jones
cr2 fred mcgriff
cr3raphial palmeiro
cr4 cal ripken jr
cr5 jose canseco
cr6 mo vaughn
cr7 jim edmonds
cr89 sammy sosa
cr10 fank thomas
cr11 albert belle
cr12 manny ramierez
cr13 jim thome
cr14 dante bichette
cr15 vinniy castilla
cr17 cecil fielder
cr18 garry shefield
cr19 jeff bagwell
cr20 eric karros
cr21 mike piazza
cr22 ken csminiti
cr23 barry bonds
cr24 matt williams
cr25 jay buhber
cr26 ken griffey jr
cr27 ron gant
cr28 juan gonzalez
cr29 mickey tettelton


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Sep 30, 2009
Marlton NJ
as far as the send back cards
Joe Carter has 3
#30a June 25-27
#30b aug 5-8
#30c sept. 23-25

Tim Salman has 3
#8A jUNE TO 20-23
#8B JULY 30 TO AUG 1
#8C SEPT 9-12

Larry Walker has 3
#16a june 24-26
#16b july 18-21
#16c sept 27-29

I don't see anything of these not being produced though

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