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Need suggestions on what Bowman box to get


New member
Aug 18, 2008
My mother-in-law wants to get me a box of baseball cards for my birthday. I haven't paid much attention to the recent Bowman releases so what offers the best bang for the buck? She'll probably order from blowout and look to spend less than $100.

A quick glance at prices are as follows:
2011 Bowman $60.90
2011 Bowman Chrome $56.95
2011 Bowman Draft $53.90
2010 Bowman Chrome $42.90
2010 Bowman Draft $68.99
2009 Bowman Chrome $53.99
2008 Bowman $85.00
2008 Bowman Chrome $37.95
2007 Bowman Chrome $79.99
2006 Bowman Draft $57.95

What would everyone recommend?

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