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Aug 7, 2008
Post the team you collect along with your FCB name, and I'll add you to the lst.

Angels: weavermania, nimster, angelsrockies4ever
Astros: Anthony K.
Athletics: RickeyRuns, onehrk
Blue Jays: Mypens66, thefatguy, Autismic, aarne13
Braves: DaleMurphyCollector
Brewers: BrewerSuperCollector, LaBlueFan
Cardinals: Kozma Collector, Skorris (CCBC), lordsepic
Cubs: IndyMann, monty01, collectingking, Pastretta, RandomH
Diamondbacks: nkdbacks, jdpreas
Dodgers: yankeefan1988, dgrimes248, TNP777, pray4mojo, LaBlueFan
Giants: jdpreas
Indians: Jakpi20, PronkDH48
Mariners: magplaidmxpx, thefatguy, metallicalex777, SeattleFanTillIDie
Marlins: thecollector24
Mets: jbzell1, thenumberonemetfan, ThoseBackPages
Nationals: Dell Sportcards
Orioles: allstarauction, Terry
Padres: Seiya
Phillies: Utleyfan1, Jeff N., Lancemountain
Pirates: tramers, meucci67, robboshow, subject to change
Rangers: CowboyfanInLR
Rays: Jaypers, cowboysrule48, Jeff N.
Red Sox: beefycheddar, bigpapima32, martycordova23, Johnny B, madman1978, Ct Sox Fan, martycordova23
Rockies: Smoney17, angelsrockies4ever, 17ROCKIES12, Superfractor
Royals: brokenliz1(AlexGordonFan), Frow
Tigers: jeremy, Jake, rookie380, walter55, rctdw
Twins: Lally1, magplaidmxpx, pac_rat_76
White Sox: egon8, sethyarkony, chisox3706
Yankees: promodeltodd, ostrander111, dano7, imac220

Akron Aeros: PronkDH48
Hickory Crawdads Former Players: tramers
Expos: jarcar
Cubs Greats/Hofers: thenumberonemetfan


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