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Philly Eagles PC for sale, some autos, patches, SN'd, refractors etc $650 shipped in lower 48


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Jan 11, 2013
Lifelong Eagles fan since Randall drove the Giants crazy. I mostly PC Roger Clemens but have always had this kicking around. Time to move on, havent watched football since 2019 really.

825 Plus cards(being Conservative so I don't make anyone mad probably closer to 850) Barely any dupes, maybe 30 at most.

Highlights: 32 autographs, including McNabb RC, Foles RC, Vick Triple Threads Sapphire #3/3 (nasty!) Fletcher Cox RC, Mile's Sanders RC, Chuck Bednarik w HOF inscription, Westbrook, McCoy, Sproles, Ertz, Duce Staley w/22 inscription etc. Can provide excel sheet list if you ask.

70 plus McNabb, many RCs. 40ish Cunningham w RC and Pinnacle Mint die cut and coin. Reggie white RC, prob 20 Reggie cards, 2 Foles RC patches, sick Dawkins multicolored patch, at least 30 gu single color jerseys overall, at least 10 multi color or multi patch overall, sick Duce Staley multi color patch, at least 30 Duce cards. Handful of 1970s cards, Tom Dempsey, Harold Carmichael etc. Couple of 50s cards. About 450 are in a binder, 50 in holders, balance in a box.

All are raw except 4 graded ones. 2 McNabbs and 2 Randalls . I l say overall condition ranges from EX to NrMt so that nobody expects GEM 10s.

More details if you ask. Pics are a sample. Can take more. I do PayPal. No venmo, cash app, others.

Need the room and money for more important stuff now with 2 little kids. Thanks. Jay


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