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PSA & BGS MAY/JUNE 2020 group sub now open


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Aug 14, 2008
If folks have followed developments PSA & BGS are back open although PSA has changed quite a bit of their operation.

OK for the first time in several months opening up subs for folks to hop on if you desire

Vintage Cards (1971 & Earlier) sub cost $9.25 per card
Modern Cards (1972 to 2016) sub cost $9.25 per card
Ultra Modern Cards (2017-Present) sub cost $9.25 per card
TCG & Entertainment sub cost $10.25 per card

I am also doing a SUPERSIZE sub ( think discs / 1977-79sportscasters, Jumbo Finest)
Cost is $20.25 per item

I am also running a REGULAR ECONOMY sub. This is used for declared value items
that say are above $100 but below $499 in value. The cost is $20.25 per item

BGS just email me at my jeffv9[email protected] address running 10 and 20 day with subs and 30 day no subs
I'll email you back a quote

Email me also for the sheets I used as well
Subs for May/June will run as they fill up and last sub for June will leave June 23rd so as not to be affected by any delivery issues.

Good to be back subbing !!



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Jan 28, 2018
When you send several cards in one submission, do they ever get assigned sequential PSA/BGS numbers? It'd be cool to have a high-end rainbow with sequential tag numbers.


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Aug 14, 2008
Depending upon the service if you enter the three cards consecutively you may wind up with consecutive numbers. While I don't have a rainbow I do have it in certain series where 5 to 10 cards have consecutive numbers.

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