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R&N Topps porcelain cards


Well-known member
Sep 30, 2017
Could just be because some idiot keeps trying to document the actual cards that exist, hoping to land all of his player collection wants before he dies of old age.

154 of 825 confirmed and counting...only one PC hit, so far.
Yeah. That's my interest in the set though no documented copy of the Jeff Frye has shown up.


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Aug 10, 2012
Auburn, WA
I've got an Alex Cole, which is on DaClyde's checklist, and I heavily collect three players that aren't on his checklist - Todd Van Poppel, Bobby Jones, and Tom Goodwin. Can confirm I've never seen one for any of them.

Scott McKelvy

New member
May 7, 2022
Mount Airy, MD
Hey folks, first post on FCB here. I found this thread last year and was inspired to track down as many Ripken porcelain variants as I could. So far I've identified 87 different cards, and I personally have 64 of them. I'll work on assembling a photo album for all the ones I have. I'm definitely hoping to fill some of those gaps, let me know if anyone is interested in parting with theirs. The ones I'm most anxious to acquire are:

1982 Topps Traded Future Hall of Famers #/1000 S20
1982 Topps Traded Gold Tint #/5000
1982 Topps Traded Gold Tint "Hobby Only" #/1000
1995 Topps Traded Gold Border "Hobby Only" #/100
1997 Topps Gold Border "Hobby Only" #/500
1983 Topps Jumbo 4"x6" "Heirloom Tradition"
1993 Topps Replica #/5000
1993 Topps Magnet

The other 15 that I'm missing are mainly just slight print variations I've seen. Let me know if anyone has Ripkens they want to part with!

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