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Rays put a fork in them they are done!

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Jun 20, 2010
Sunny Florida
Wander Franco Is Mr Glass 2 is on the IL again This time wrist. Kevin Kiermaier For hip inflammation He is on the IL every year. Their super rookie pitcher Baz is way overrated. Kevin Cash needs to be FIRED! Now! Why you may ask. Well you do not get swept 3 games to the worse team in baseball. Plus today he Left Baz in the 3rd inning to give up 7 runs! Seriously. He does this all the time. Leaves a pitcher in too long or he will pull a pitch out in the 5TH inning after 2 outs and just walked a batter giving up no runs with a 5 run lead the next pitcher in 1.1 innings gives up 6 runs and the lead. He is awful. I know he was the manager of the year the last 2 years. But I do not think he should have been.
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