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Recent hobby FBI investigation hits WaPo Sports section...


Jan 4, 2013
Pearland, Texas
To quote the article, "The hobby erupted in panic." Um, It's probably more like a handful of really rich white guys that think they paid too much for some baseball cards erupted in panic.
So you're telling me my 1996 World Series ball signed by Babe Ruth & Lou Gehrig might be fake?? Bull$hit, my source is highly reputable & would never lie about such things. You can even see the ash mark dropped from Babe Ruth's cigar, that was the sale's pitch that ultimately got me to buy the dang thing!


Well-known member
Aug 7, 2008
New York
I am not shocked, such things have always gone in most hobbies -- doctoring, fake autographs, counterfeits, etc. I do feel for the victims though, not sure if collectible insurance would cover such matters.

Fortunately, as a small fish in this hobby, I don't feel the ripples from something like this with my collecting habits. However, I will say that if I am ever in a position to buy a Ruth, Gehrig, or Munson autograph (which has been a collecting goal of mine) I wouldn't have the trust to shell out the thousands of dollars on an item, whether authenticated or not.

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