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Relapse on the hobby


New member
Jun 16, 2020
Hello all. Recently back to the hobby after many years away. I was led to this site because I kept googling questions about cards and a lot of the answers where here. I only collect Tony Gwynn and not much else. I know little to nothing about modern cards or players so please be gentle.


Well-known member
Mar 22, 2015
Lafayette, Colorado
Welcome sir! I'm in the same boat as you. I only really collect Robbie Alomar cards, and don't know much about - or give a crap about - the modern card market.

Soto, Acuna, and Guerrero? They are great young players but I just don't have the interest - or cash - to keep track of Bowman Draft Sapphire Auto Refractors and all that shit.


New member
Apr 23, 2021
Kansas City Area
Same here. Sold all my "finds" over the years including my Jim Thome collection after my daughter was born, maybe 8 years ago. Held a few BGS items and sold the last of them recently after the "graded surge". Coming back in, slowly : )

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