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RIP: Jim Bouton - Ball Four - Seattle Pilots / NY Yankees Pitcher


Jan 19, 2010
He was quite the entrepeneur too. Big League Cards was his doing as well as being involving in the launching of Big League Chew. I have 5-6 different signed Big League cards he made of himself that he obviously used for autographing and netowrking.


Active member
Mar 21, 2014
Hendersonville, Tn.
So sad. Ball Four was the 1st baseball book I ever read, and still my favorite. I liked it so much I took it with me to the Boy Scout World Jamboree in Norway, in the 70's. I just had to finish reading it. Thank you Jim, R.I.P.
Sep 30, 2017
I read Ball Four every spring as part of my ritual of getting ready for baseball season.

If you haven't watched The Battered B*stards of Baseball it's definitely worth a watch too.

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